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Sanderis villain

On my list of villains for a potential campaign is the idea of a corrupt losejas. After all, that's one of the goals of the dievas right, to turn the sorcerer into a villain? But if that's the case, would the dievas make a deal with an unscrupulous individual (no sport in this one) to work wickedness on the world. I wouldn't think a villain would be interested in destroying a devitas with its true name so much as achieving mastery of it. 

So help me out please. Throw out some cool ideas for a Sanderis wielding villain. Nothing too detailed. Let's see what we can come up with.

Also, how do you pronounce losejas or dievas?

Off the top of my head, I can think of three:

The losejas who got in over his head.  Made a series of desperate deals and now is paying for them.  Fundamentally good but now at the mercy of the dievas.

The corrupt losejas keeping his head down from the Rata, but quietly working towards his own ends.

Lastly, the losejas and dievas engaged in a battle of wits, each trying to outdo the other to gain control.

edit: fixed the spelling so I sound like I know what I'm talking about.


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BluSponge blusp...
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Idea One: The Hunted Lovers

Motivations: Autonomy, Passion

Our villain falls in love with a noble man's daughter.  She spurns his advances and besides, she's bethrothed to a gentleman of noble birth.  The villain makes a deal with a dietas to MAKE her fall in love with him.  Unfortunately, her betrothed is a vain and jealous man with a cruel disposition.  He kills his wife to be when he realizes what is going on.  Our villain then makes two deals: one to kill the murderous betrothed and another to bring his love back from the dead.  Now the two are on the run, from woman's family (who believe him to be a kidnapper and a murderer) AND from the Ratas.  To make matters worse, the woman came back...wrong (think Pet Semetary).  The losejas is trying to find a place they can live out their lives in peace, but his lover's new appetites make that difficult.

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Idea Two: The Inquisitor

Motivation: Order

Ethics: The Ends Justify the Means

An overzealous Valytuvas (think Morgan from Dresden Files) who has discovered a way to trap dievas (imp bottles) and is now using those harnessed energies to rid the world of troublesome losejas and dievas.  His personal deal is with a very ambitious dievas who aspires to rid herself of rivals and opposition and establish herself as queen of her kind.

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Idea Three: The Puppet

Motivation: ?

A young man sent to live with distant Sarmatian relatives after his parents died.  Sickly and neglected, he is tricked by an opportunistic dievas into become a living host for the wicked spirit, who now uses the young man as a puppet for its mischievious deeds.

Tobie Abad
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In my game, I went for this.

The Villain is a former Heroine.  She was on a battle of wits against her Dievas.
However, she lost, has now become a full Villain, who still THINKS she can beat her Dievas.
The Dievas, on the other hand, has learned the tales were wrong. She did not ascend or become free. She is STILL trapped with the Villain.

So now, the Villain tries to demand more power and favors from the dievas, which usually throws back at her challenging favors to accomplish to grant them (which leads to the creation of Schemes the PC heroes can foil).  The dievas has not reached a point of risking witnessing what happens if it just has the Villain die.  It isn't sure if she breaks free or dies with her.

The Villain, on the other hand, does not see the Dievas is playing her around, given all the power she already got from it before, she still believes the dievas CAN offer her more power.  She just *has* to succeed somehow in these impossible sounding tasks.

And yes, in the end, she still believes she's a Hero who simply has been forced to do a lot of wrong things to try to accomplish the "right" she wants to do, which is change the world into what she believes is a better world.

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