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Patrick McCoy
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Question does each demon only offer one realm of magic ? E.g. shadows, fire, ice, etc or can players pick at random...I'll take one deal with two minor shadows and one deal with two minor fires? Thank you in advance.
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Evan Sageser
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Each sorcery advantage grants you access to two minor favors and one deal. So I believe you can take favors from any deal you know. The fluff is a little more ambiguous over whether you can get deals from multiple dievas or multiple deals from a single dievas. At certain points it actually sounds like being bound to multiple Dievas is possible, but I think its generally accepted that a Sanderis sorcerer can go the entirety of his career with a single dievas. That works better for a role-playing perspective as well. One Devil as a fully fleshed out NPC is a better idea than a whole host of more one note ones. (Though the latter isn't an impossible idea)
James Stephens
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The way I read it, the fields represent areas of influence that a Dievas holds.  So if you pull from multiple fields, it shows the Dievas to have more than one sphere of influence...potentially making them more dangerous in the long run.


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