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Running 7th Sea over Roll20 – a Tutorial
roll20 lfp, tutorial

Sunday, February 11th @ 8:30 pm CST, I will be hosting an open tutorial for running 7th Sea over the Roll20 VTT system. Anyone who is interested in checking out Roll20 or specifically running 7th Sea on it are welcome to attend. If you are a seasoned 7th Sea GM with experience with Roll20, I would love to have you join the discussion. If you are interested in attending, you can leave a private message here, or send me a private message on Roll20.

You will need at least a basic Roll20 profile to attend.

Voice chat for the tutorial will be handled over the Explorers of Théah FB group Discord channel. This link will get you there.  (To be clear, you must be signed in to both Discord – either the app or the web app – and the Roll20 campaign for the full experience.)

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BluSponge blusp...
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Hey everyone. I just wanted to post a reminder about the tutorial tonight. The Discord channel is primed and ready to go. Here's that link again. I will be posting a link to join the Roll20 board tonight prior to the event. So if you've been thinking about running 7th Sea over R20, or just curious about R20 in general, come join us. There's no limit, and all seats are good.

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Here is the link to join the tutorial:


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