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Nathan Henderson
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Revising Vesten

I'm tinkering with the idea of revising the Vesten to bring them closer to the 17th Century.  It would mean breaking it into at least three countries not unlike the Glamour Isles.

- Vendel would be the based on the Dutch Republic, carved out of the north of Eisen.  An overwhelmingly Objectionist region that threw off its Vaticine nobility under bougeoise leadership that wasn't interested in new Objectionist nobility.  The trade power of the league obviously extends far beyond its borders, particularly to...

- Kattegat is an island nation to the northeast of Vendel.  Based on Denmark, its royal family is playing out the plot of Hamlet, with Hans Christian Anderson stories woven into the plot hooks of the land (Not-Ophelia is also the Little Mermaid).  As the royal family falters, but the country grows rich on trade, the Vendel League takes more and more control of foreign affairs and economic policy.

- On the far side of Kattegat from Vendel is the Vestenmannavnjar peninsula.  It's backwater pagan north has been under Kattegat rule for a while (based on Norway).  The south is sovereign Vesten country (based on Sweden) without a ruling monarch, as their last queen abdicated to convert to the Vaticine faith and ran off to Voddace or Castille.  While the Objectionists here build a new heartland for academia and culture to counterbalance Castille, and the jarls (nobles) debate the succession, the Vendel League ascends in cultural power.

Soon all 3 (or 4, if you count not-Norway as its own country) may be woven into a single nation under the League's control.

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