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Review: Vergogne, The City of Romance
review, pdf

So taking a look at another one of Andrew Peregrine's Explorer Society offerings (side note: Andrew's done seriously good work, as I've yet to be disappointed), this time looking at the new setting of the self-proclaimed "City of Romance," which as one might expect is located in Montaigne.

Okay, first off, the pictures he selected for this that are not from the free resources from DriveThruRPG are spot-on perfect.

Much of the product is devoted to the fleshing out of Vergogne, both its history and how being Theah's romance capital affects day-to-day life for the residents and travelers.  I have to say, this is a very interesting setting, and could be easily used as a focal point for a campaign, even if the Heroes are not currently in the romance market themselves.  The bit on local festivals and people of interest provides some great story hooks for GMs to build a Story around.

In terms of game mechanics, there's very little in the way of crunch to be had, which is perfectly fine.  Andrew did update his work on fashion from the 1e web supplement Noblesse Oblige, discussing the basics of how clothing is worn in Theah, who generally sets the fashion trends, as well as a breakdown of the different articles of clothing worn by men and women and the degrees of quality for such garments.  If you're playing a courtier or a noble, or just plan on not making a fool of yourself in high society, this is a pretty useful section, with the mechanical bits kept to a minimum.

Also of use given the supplement's theme is a discussion on employing romance in your games, including a number of does and don'ts that can be helpful to a GM in deciding just how much romantic elements they want to incorporate into their games and where the lines should be drawn for the benefit of all those at the gaming table.

The supplement ends with a rundown of the traditional Vaticine wedding ceremony and then a handful of plot hooks centering around Vergogne, any one of which can make for an entertaining adventure, with Making Matches being my favorite of the lot just due to the potential for hilarity and hijinks to ensue, especially if one or more of the Heroes are not the sort to attend polite social gatherings, or favor a more "earthy" approach to romance.

All in all, this is a fun supplement, offering up a very intriguing setting for adventures to take place in and opportunities galore for socially-adept Heroes to get into mischeif.  This one is definitely worth grabbing.

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