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Donovan Morningfire
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Review: Hearts and Harlots

So first off, this is pretty much an update of the old Jenny's Guild web supplement from first edition, pertaining to the Vendel League, both authored by Andrew Peregrine.  And while it doesn't get into the sordid details of the Jenny's Guild, it does cover quite a bit of the Guild's history and how the Guild operates as a business entity.  It certainly does provide a bit more detail on what the life of a Hero with the Jenny Background might have been like, especially depending on which Nation they originated from, such as what particular fashion trend they might have employed during the course of their "work," to say nothing of citing what roles men and children would have within the Guild, with it being made very clear that children are kept as far away from "the work" as humanly possible.  It also discusses how the Jenny's Guild represents itself in each Nation, with Vodacce pretty much outlawing it due to the Guild's ties to the Vendal League, to how in Castille the patrons are more likely there to attend an exciting dance (vertical!) show than to avail themselves of the more salacious offerings, to how different each of the three kingdoms of the Glamour Isles view the Jenny's trade.

There's not a whole lot in terms of new mechanical crunch, limited to a handful of Advantages that lend themselves towards the Jenny's trade and a New Story Option.  There's also a brief bit focused on broadening the usage of the Tempt skill as pertains to "the work."  There's also an option to have the Jenny's Guild operate in a manner similar to a Secret Society, including ways to gain and spend Favor with Jenny's Girls.  Following that is a breakdown on how a player  might go about creating a brothel for their Hero by means of the Brothel Owner Advantage.  About the one thing that was possibily missing was a new Background option or two with regards to the Jenny's Guild, such as Madame (offering a rank or two of the Brothel Owner Advantage).  The supplement ends on a series of potential Story Hooks, none of which require any of the Heroes to themselves be associated with the Jenny's Guild.

Overall, if you're looking for new mechanical benefits, this won't be of much use.  On the other hand, if you as a player or as a GM are looking to expand upon the Jenny's Guild and its members in a campaign, this is an invaluable resource to have.

I'd give this 4 out of 5 stars.  And will be heading off to DriveThruRPG to do just that.

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