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Questions: Sophia's and Sidhe
Sophia Sidhe

Heya all. A few questions concerning Sidhe and/or Sophia's Daughter characters.


Page 36 of the Sidhe book rules about 'Advantages' appear to me to be extremely confusing. It states:


Sidhe characters may select one of each of the following Advantages and Blessings (pg. 39) for free during character creation:

Then gives a list of several advantages (and curses) but they are grouped into several bullet points.


I see 2 interpretation of what it means but both of them have serious logical flaws:


Possibility #1: You get to select ONE of ALL of those, period. But then why are they grouped in different bullet points and why is there curses in there? Why would anyone select a curse if they can do otherwise.


Possibility #2: You can to select ONE in EACH of the bullet points. But then there are logical fallacies here too: Some of the bullent points include a single Sidhe power (ex: Smell Glamour and Slow aging+immunity to diseases). Yes it could mean that therefore you get them 'by default' but why not just states that in with the other 'default' powers of the Sidhe (General rules section). Also, the curse section also hurt my brain, it list both iron susceptibility AND iron vulnerability; why list both? Who the hell would select the worst one if given a choice?


Now, about the Sophia's Daughters:


The advantages that comes with membership for ALL memebers is clearly described at page 80 (contacting the Oracle through scrying, contacts, cheaper Panache purchase etc) BUT there is 2 places that seems to add some more 'powers' to membership:


The scrying section at page 36 states:


'Early tricks include the abiltity to breather water (something inherent in all those born with the caul)'


Since the section concerns the Scryer mages, everything (else) in this section should only apply on those who purchased the magical advantage BUT the part about 'something inherent in all those born with the caul' seems to imply that ALL sidhe-blooded character ('born with the caul') could breathe underwater (Sophia's daughter or not).






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