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Chant Macleod
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Question about Glamour Availability
Rule question

Is it possible for a Knight of Avalon to use a Major glamour if his Major Trait differs from the glamour's? For example, I'd like to take the Panache Major Glamour "Subsume Ship," by the Knight I chose has Panache as a Minor Trait. Would choosing Sorcery twice help? Does it even matter?

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Joachim Deneuve...
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The way I had always read it was that you picked Major Glamours for your Major Trait, and Minor Glamours for your Minor Trait, but I can find nothing in the Core or Nations of Theah 1 books spelling it out specifically.

I recommend asking your GM what they think.

Jack Of Shadows
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By the book, they can be of either of the traits you are assigned by the Mantle, or more to the point, it says:
"The first time your Hero takes the Sorcery Advantage, you choose one Major Glamour and two Minor Glamours connected with the Traits your Knight embodies, all starting at Rank 1. Every additional time you take the Sorcery Advantage you may either select new Glamours or increase the Rank of one Major Glamour and two Minor Glamours."

Ultimately your GM is the final arbiter on this, as the book does not specifically state 1 Major from your Major and 2 Minors from your Minors. 


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