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Michael Brislawn
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Playing with a Full Sorte Deck?

In the Core Rule Book, 20 Arcana and the Virtues and Hubrises associated with them are presented.

In the Pirates book, 3 additional Arcana and the Virtues and Hubrises associated with them are presented: The Devil Jonah, The Drowned Man, and The Fisherman.

The PDF for the official Sorte Deck contains 22 Arcana, the 20 Arcana from the Core Rule Book, plus an additional 2 Arcana: The Duel and Betrayal, which currently have NO Virtues and Hubrises associated with them, but does not contain the 3 additional Arcana from the Pirates book.

This raises a number of questions:

Question 1: Will there be Virtues and Hubrises associated with The Duel and Betrayal, and, if so, when and where can we expect them to be presented?

Question 2: Will there be actual physical cards available for the additional Arcana being presented in the Pirates book, and for any future supplements that might present new Arcana, and if so, does this mean those of us who have already purchased physical copies of the Sorte Deck will need to spend additional monies to obtain them?

Historically, I know Tarot decks sometimes did not always contain the exact same number of cards, and some decks had different/unique Arcana cards. So, I see no problem with this particular approach, as long as all of the bases and contingencies are properly addressed within the rules and products available.

I could see placing a limit on the actual number of possible Arcana in any given Sorte Deck (e.g., the traditional number of 22 Arcana), and having individuals customize their decks within that limit. This would require two things, however:

1. Virtues and Hubrises for all of the Arcana represented in the actual physical cards,

2. Physical copies of all of the Arcana cards, including any supplementary cards (hopefully of the same design and quality as the officially published Sorte Deck).

If we are going to need to pay for such additional cards, it would have been nice to know that up front, rather than being told after-the-fact, which is often referred to as the practice of “low-balling” in the marketing and sales communities.

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