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Pirate-y Archetypes
NPCs, game master

So I was adding some details to my brainstormed list of proto-NPCs when it dawned on me that a lot of them weren't very...piratey.  That is, very few of them would be at home in the Port Royal or Tortuga of Pirates of the Caribbean, or make sense aboard a pirate ship.  So in response to this, I started to brainstorm a list of archetypal characters that WERE piratey.  

  • The Tale Teller (Gibbs from PotC)
  • The Gambler
  • The Hidden/Secret Loyalist
  • The Avenger
  • The Underestimated (usually with a chip on his/her shoulder)
  • The Aspirant (when I grow up...)
  • The Mad Seer
  • The Honorable Pirate (I served with your father for 20 years...)
  • The Exotic Sorcerer (Tia Dalma from PotC: DMC)
  • The Prodigal Son (Euron Greyjoy, Song of Ice and Fire)
  • The Dashing Egotist (There I was, in the Congo...)
  • The Ex-Slave
  • The Disillusioned Loyalist
  • The Heretical Priest
  • The Well Connected (I know a guy...)
  • The Deserter
  • The Fallen Loyalist (Norington from PotC 2-3)
  • The Groupie (So...is it true what they say?)

Got any you'd like to add?

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BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Two more:

  • The Crusty Veteran (You're not a true berserk!)
  • The Green Recruit
BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

The list of stock characters continues to grow.  I rewatched Pirates of the Caribbean last night to get my brain into the swing of it all.  The morning brainstorming session adds these to the list:

  • The Jovial Bruiser
  • The Secret Bastard (Gendry from Song of Ice and Fire)
  • The Maimed Master Duelist
  • The Ambitious Seaman
  • The Drunk with a glorious history
  • The melancholy pirate
  • The Lore Keeper (not to be confused with the Tale Teller)
  • The Plucky Kid
  • The Jenny with a heart of gold
  • The Mother Bear Madame
  • The Cast-off Courtesan
  • The Cruel (and Cowardly) Pimp
  • The Maimed Pirate
  • The Aclimated Hostage (The Patty Hearst)
  • The Resourceful Seaman
  • The Unintelligible and his translator
  • The Strong, Silent, and Direct Pirate
  • The Hopeless Schemer
  • The Unexpected Badass
  • The Faithful Hound (Loyal to the end)
  • The Captain without a ship
  • The Living Treasure Map (Black Harry from Cutthroat Island)
  • The Exile
  • The Fugitive Noble



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The mutineer, the unlucky victim, the Superstitious helmsman, the cook, the liar who was never actually there, the cannibal, the guy everyone picks on, and the belligerent drunk.
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  • The Rogue With a Lass at Every Port
  • The Deaf Gunner
  • The Powder Monkey
  • The One Pressed Into Service (who may actually like it!)
  • The Disillusioned Noble (not really fugitive, but rather one who is just tired of the noble life)
  • The Thrill-Seeker (especially if they aren't a pirate, and just hire the crew for the adventures)
  • The One Who Really Runs The Ship (i.e a "shadow prince" archetype)
  • The One Desperate To Become A Legend
  • The Unlucky One (but somehow things work out in the end. . .sometimes. . .)

"Smilies exist because no one's bothered to create a sarcasm font." --Lost_Heretic

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Great adds, guys! Keep em coming! I'm sure there are some still missing.

Can't believe I forgot the Cook! between Steven Seagal and Down Periscope, that really needs to be in there.

Ben Woerner
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Great list! I think you'll like PN!

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

I really hope so. in my dreams it contains a lot of tools, lists, and generators for high seas adventures. I don't really expect it to be that, but I would love to be surprised. :D

Ben Woerner
Ben Woerner's picture

A lot of that stuff you can find online. But there are a TON of new rules and background and setting and the like.

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Eh.  Not as much as you might think, and most of it geared for Gonzo D&D play.  But whatever, I'm looking forward to the book all the same.  :)

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