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Nathan Henderson
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Original Backgrounds

I'm curious what other people have come up with.  I'll start with an easy one...

Highwayman (Avalon)
“Stand and deliver!”
Quirk: Gain a hero point you share your loot with those in need.
Advantages: Deadeye, Staredown
Skills: Aim, Hide, Intimidate, Ride, Weaponry

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Jack Of Shadows
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Would that be an Avalon only or could you change it to something like "Brigand" and apply to all nations?
I know Pecke(sp?) is a big thing in Avalon specifically, but think you could probably pull people from other nations as well that act in that sort of way, specifically Eisen, Montaigne and Castille, though I suppose they may have little changes here or there to represent their different methods....

Hmm, maybe I will draw up a few....


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