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Roger Mañés
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"Official" Timeline?

After some preparatory sessions in order to make my players understand the rules for 2nd Edition, I'm am about to start off with a broadscope campaign, starting some 20 years before the official setting. I was however wondering if someone has compiled the timeline for the major events of Théah's recent history. Does any one of you folks know if such a tool is available?

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BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

I think doing so is a bit pointless until the final Nations of Theah vol 1 rolls out, rewrites, edits and all.  Or vol 2.  Because until then there are a lot of factors that can change.

In fact, once vol 2 is released, I would not be surprised at all if someone doesn't publish a timeline on the ES.

Harliquinn Whit...
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I am still using the 1e Timeline to inform some things. So far, this edition has not offered enough 'dates' or relative time frames to begin to compile an exhaustive (or in my opinion) helpful timeline to guide GM world creation.

Roger Mañés
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Guess I'll have to do the same. It's true, the 2nd Ed. corebook is quite poor in terms of world history...


Anyway, since I've been forced to use some 1st ed. characters(some of my players developed quite a weird affection towards Lady Jamais back in the day), I think it won't matter much if I do a mishmash with both timelines,

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