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Cthulhu Netobvious
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The Numa nation of 7th Sea 2e
history, nation

QUOTING: Reddit discussion on the Numa 2016-09-27

Hey guys so I'm starting a 2nd Edition campaign with my friends (where half of us are 1st edition vets). So we have it in our minds that Numa is the equivalency of the old Roman Republic for Theah that's gone now.

However in 2nd edition for the core rulebook I see numerous references to Numa being an in present and existing country.

I was thinking about working a citizen on this country into my current campaign that I will run for the group and so I'd thought I'd brainstorm of what exactly is Numa now in 2nd edition.

Here's what currently references Numa in the 2nd edition core rulebook.

Avalon -

"She extended the invitation to the proud warriors of Numa, and in less than a year, strange faces graced Avalon’s shores for the first time. With dark skin and foreign ways, they found their lives in Avalon difficult at first, but after a few years, they were accepted as any other." pg 26

Castille's thoughts on the Sarmatian Commonwealth,

"They are trying to recapture the great days of the Numanari Republic…days which are clearly nothing more than myth. And there is no point in chasing myth." - pg 32

Sarmatian culture

"Nobles continued wearing Sarmatian garb for the same reason Numanari Senators wore white togas: to distinguish themselves as honorable and just." - pg 65

Geography, possibly explaining why there is no Numa on the current map,

"The fourth sea is called the Numanari Approach, so named after the Numanari Islands to the south. It lies to the southeast of Vodacce, near the Crescent Empire. For centuries, Church-maintained garrisons on the Vodacce keys prevented access to this sea, but the newly independent Numa has declared the Approach to be open to all, reviving trade between Théah and the Empire…and attracting pirates aplenty." - pg 95

Secret Society,

"The Explorer’s Society primarily concerns itself with the ancient ruins of Numa and Syrneth... Such knowledge could be the forgotten formula for Numanari concrete" pg 263

"Its enigmatic creator—a mysterious figure named “Uppman”—established the order some time in the distant past. Some say it was as long ago as the old Numan Republic" -pg 268

This special kind of warfare—mimeme warfare (from the Numanari word meaning “an imitation,” also the root for the word “mime”) - pg 268

"They call back on the old Numanari philosophers, those who questioned the Empire’s motives and methods at the risk of death" - 268

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TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

Mark Caldwell
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My guess would be that fragments of the empire survived cut off from Theah on distant islands that Numa once conquored or on Ifri.  That would be like the Eastern Roman Empire surviving long past the Western Empire but slowly fragmented until (for example) russia has been claimed to be the surviving portion of the Roman Empire.  I've read several pulp stories that featured lost legions preserving some sort of Roman culture in Africa so that could fit too.

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My guess was along this line. I personally think Numa is still the old Roman Empire, but specifically, this Numa (via the Numanari Approach) is the real-world Byzantine Empire. . .only still kicking but holding their old ways.

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Evan Sageser
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I think it was mentioned off hand by a designer that we may be learning about Numa in the Pirate Nations book.


My guess is that they're a few islands attempting to claim some sort of heritage to ancient Numa, perhaps adopting Ifri elements and possibly going for some sort of Maltese Corsair flavor.

Star West
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We will definitely learn about Numa in Pirate Nations; if the Kickstarter Update for the Pirate Nations stretch goal is accurate: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwickpresents/7th-sea-second-edition/posts/1487210

...we will detail Numa: once a cradle of civilization, now a nation transformed by a new philosophy sailing the waves.

There's also talk of Gyros and Baklava...

Evan Sageser
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If anyone's taken a look at the preview for the hero and villain decks yet, there are a few NPCs from Numa that we can infer details from. It seems that they definitely seem to have a Greek vibe, also seem to be a Republic that has only recently achieved independence, and there's some mention about an organization of oracles in one of the hero's backgrounds.

Cthulhu Netobvious
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QUOTE: Mike Curry (posted on Reddit)

As a teaser, I'll share Numa's 4 National backgrounds, as well as their single-line stinger.

Disclaimer that these are subject to change, but more than likely even if they change it will be slight tweaks to wording rather than a revamp of the concept.

Docent. "Is Theah worthy of the friendship of Numa? You will put them to the test."

Haimon. "Your glory lies there, before your eyes. Nothing will stop you from claiming it."

Mystai. "The human spirit is capable of incredible things. You will demonstrate this to the world."

Myrmidon. "Theah has forgotten the name of Numa for too long. It's time for you to remind them of the Father of the World."


TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

Joachim Deneuve...
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Myrmidon is a warrior, traditionally the ants who were turned into hoplites for Achilles, IIRC.

Mystai sounds like someone with lots of secrets.

Docent is tricky, something makes me want to say that they're an educated Rhetorician

Haimon, I have no idea.


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