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John Keller
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Hi, there, one and all.  Looking for a little cultural guidance.

I know that, going by previous posts that mention Romani culture, culture talk can get a little sticky, and I can appreciate that.  Respect for other cultures should be paramount when talking about them, and I am pleased to see that here on the forum such talk is handled maturely and with respect.  I was wondering if there is a particular 7th Sea culture that is analogous to the real world's Jewish culture, as I plan on pitting my players against the Inquisition in defense of a people.  One of my players is even interested in playing a character from such a background.  I'm still doing esearch on how Jewish families protected themselves throughout Europe around these times, as I very much want to get it right, and was curious if the 7th Sea setting has any foundation from which to work.

Thanks, guys!

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Joachim Deneuve...
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That would be the Yachidi.  There are bits about them dotted about the Nations of Theah volumes, with more detail in the Crescent Empire book.

John Keller
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Thanks, Joachim! I don't have Crescent Empire yet, but now I know what to research.
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