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New author with questions
explorers society

I'm new to 7th sea, but it has always been in my sights. One of the reasons I've finally got down to running it is the Explorer's Society. I'm a published author (2 adventures for DnD on Dungeon Master's Guild and 2 for Numenera) and I'm interested in writing content (adventures, most likely) for the 7th sea. But I have questions :D

- I usually invest in art and layout, so I really want to get production costs back :) - are there enough customers for that? I noticed that ES pdfs are quite expensive, compared to, for example, Dungeon Master's Guild products. But is there a point in making a high-quality module, with custom art and maps?

- What sells better for you - rules etc. or adventures?

- Would you buy an adventure module?

- Does JWP help in promoting your stuff?



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Cthulhu Netobvious
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Firstly, John Wick Presents helps promot your stuff. The team sometimes picks stuff they like and post them on JWP Social channels and via email subscriptions.

Next, you an get an idea of the top selling Explorer's Society titles from the hot sellers overview. So have fun and contribute.

7th Sea 2e Explorers Society - Top Sellers August 8


TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

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Pricing is something I've struggled with when it comes to my ES products.  There isn't a very good guide.  Most of the adventures (word heavy) run around $3-4.  I got some flack about the pricing of A Scandalous Affair ($1 for a little pdf) which I totally get.  Then again, that was a super niche product and more of a test for me than anything else.  I suspect some people think Cards on the Table is overpriced at $3, but there is a LOT that went into that project – from the card design to the different Consequences and Opportunities that made the cut.  It probably took a good month or two to finalize everything.  Is it worth as much as an adventure module?  I think so.  But then I see similar products on OneShelf for less, so what do I know?  There's no way for me to directly compare my sales to other products to tell one way or another.

I expect you won't find the same audience (volume) for 7th Sea that you would D&D.  So keep that in mind.

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