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New Actual Play
Actual play

So the other day, I found this!

Seems like a pretty established video cast, though this is their first shot at 7th Sea (2nd edition).  Anyone else already watching/listening?

Ok, so initial thouughts, having only listened to the first half hour or so...

  • If you are looking for insights into running the game, this isn't it...yet, anyway.  It'll be interesting to jump forward a few episodes and see what they are doing.  They invite comments but the comments are sparse.
  • I don't recognize the homeland of ANY of these characters.  I think one of them is from the Glamour Islands, but the rest?  No idea.  Maybe I should have listened to session zero, because it really sounds as though they just ditched the world setting.

Anyway, someone needs to add this to the list of AP/Podcasts/Screencasts.


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BluSponge blusp...
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::sigh:: Looking closer, it looks like they toughed it out for 4 sessions before converting over to Savage Worlds.  

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