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Allen Hueffmeier
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Naval Battles
naval battles

I've read over the suggested actions list, and it occurs to me that ship combat might be a more seperated version of character combat.

It appears that if you want to do damage you should man the cannons. If you man the sails your rolls might effect movement, blige crew might take damage of the ship.  Has anyone tried this?

It seems to me that if you man the sails you might be able to give opportunities to the cannon crew, however I don't see why you would do that when you could just get on another cannon, or if you're trying to run away why everybody wouldn't be on the sails applying raises to speed. I've read everything I could find on the forums already, but these issues don't seem to be dealt with anywhere.

Should there be one or two people on each station? What will the sail crew do if it's mostly a shooting war? How many wounds can the bilge crew heal per raise? How many people can the doctor heal? For that matter how do you determine how many people are injured or how injured people effect the performance of the ship in combat?


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