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Alfredo Tarancón
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Naval battle as Dramatic Sequence
dramatic sequence, naval battles

So, I'm working on my first game for net month convention, and I've been thinking about starting In Media Res, with the players already deep in a naval battle with the ship from the Villain-of-the-day. The starting scene have our Heroes aboard their ship, in the middle of a crazy storm, fighting against the Villain... And after a little bit of tension and danger, suddenly the storm will stop, substituted by a strange fog, and the Villain ship will be out of view...  

After reading the rules again for naval battles, I feel like it's to much trouble to start right away with a full action sequence... So I'm thinking about doing it as a Dramatic Sequence... Create some tension, make sure that the pcs face the problems of a big fight in the middle of the storm, and the stress of running out of raises to fix whatever problems they face, and not having to worry too much about they throwing dice for everything... The idea it's that the scene wont be too long, just a little coda to set the stage, and introduce the players to the setting...

Probably later in the adventure, at the end, there will be a proper naval battle, using action sequences... But I feel that DS are a great way to start to build tension without having to go too deep into the mechanics....

What do you think?

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Joachim Deneuve...
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Yes, I think it works.  In some ways it is like the start of Attack of the Clones.

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