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John Keller
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The Masked Scoundrel!
Secret Identities

I have a character who, Zorro-like, fosters two different identities, one masked and rougish, the other mild-mannered and opposed to such behavior.   I have been reflecting this simply through play and by building a different Reputation for each.  I'm curious how others have handled this in 2nd Ed, and if there are any mechanics (Advantages, etc.) in any of the suppliments.

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BluSponge blusp...
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I don't think so.  Not yet, anyway.  I would keep an eye on the secret society sourcebook, particularly the Los Vagabundos section.

That said, I think you are probably handling it just fine.  Awarding reputation for each identity seems like a perfect solution.

Joachim Deneuve...
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The only thing that's remotely close to this is the Cover Name advantage from Crescent Empire.  It lets you have a set of skills that you only access by HP when being the 'mild-mannered' civilian.

Star West
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The Reputation Advantage specifies that you only add the die if your Reputation is relevant to what's going on (i.e. if you're reputation is "Fair-minded" you would get an extra die when negotiating.) You can also purchase multiple Reputations. When you purchase a Reputation, decide which identity it applies to, and then only leverage that Reputation if you're currently using that identity.

You could purchase the Reputations "That Bastard!" and "Mild-Mannered," and say the first can only be used when you're in the Zorro-esq identity and the other when you're in your civillian identity.

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