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Evan Sageser
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Legend of the Five Rings with 7th Sea
alternate settings

I know that Wick and his crew are set to make Cathay a fully fleshed out game line once they're finished with the current schedule of 7th sea products, but has anyone else considered whether it might be possible to use the current rules for John Wick's other famous RPG?


There's something about the modular nature of much of the character backgrounds that made me think of Legend of the Five Ring's school system. Much of LotFR struck me as a little too cruchy and reliant on character abilities that I wonder if this new system could be a nice breath of fresh air.


Obviously Samurai tend to stray a little outside of the classic swashbuckling genre, so LotFR by way of 7th Sea would probably end up much more wuxia, but it still seems like an interesting idea.


What do you guys think?

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Code Ronin
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Sounds interesting....

Ben Woerner
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It's not like we all still play 1st Ed. L5R frequently or anything....

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Honestly, I think this version of 7th Sea can handle quite a bit more than just the swashbuckling genre we are presented with. While L5R is notorious for being gritty, I still think it's doable, but it might take some work (especially with the combat schools).

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True Iskander
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You know, I just happened to look at a map of Rokugan and realized it's not actually all that big geographically.  It does seem like it could be annexed onto Cathay without too much trouble.

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