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Seventh Sea
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Kickstarter Update 80 - Die Kreuzritter (preview secret societies)
kickstarter, adventure, secret societies, kreuzritter

Howdy folks!

Well, it's a new week and that means its time for a new update! I've got two things for you this week: a new Secret Society and a new adventure!

Die Kreuzritter

What are they up to? What secret code is embedded in the chapter? You'll have to download the PDF and find out!

You can find the PDF for the Die Kreuzritter chapter here!

The Grand Design, Chapter 3

The Changeling Queen is the third part in a series of adventures revealing this secret truth to your Heroes. However, you can also use it as a stand-alone adventure. The Heroes uncover a plague of plots to overthrow the Queen of Avalon and must stop them before the Glamour Isles are thrown into chaos and civil war. It includes:

  • Three different plots to dethrone Queen Elaine 
  • Player Handouts 
  • GM Advice

You can get the adventure at the JWP webstore!

You can also get it at DrivethruRPG!

Next week, another secret society and another adventure!

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