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Kickstarter Update 76 - Production (Secret Societies)
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QUOTE: Melissa Lewis-Gentry (published 2018-08-29, Wednesday

It’s the end of August, so time for another production & schedule update!  

Production Schedule  

  • Secret Societies: awaiting art, PDF delivery estimated October 2018 
  • The Colonies: in layout, PDF delivery estimated January 2019 
  • Cities of Faith - Vaticine City: awaiting art, delivery estimated September 2018 
  • Cities of Faith - Iskandar: awaiting art, delivery estimated September 2018 
  • Cities of Faith - Quamontaigne: release date moved to coincide with The Colonies, delivery estimated January 2019 
  • Maps: waiting on proofs from printers, delivery estimated September 2018 
  • The Gossamer Empire: in layout, estimated TBD 

August was a busy month, with most of the the senior and production staff traveling to GenCon the first week of the month. We were able to showcase new adventures in our 7th Sea Organized Play room there, and hope to have those available on DriveThruRPGsoon. Secret Societies is on track, with layout completed this month. Once art has come in for Secret Societies, we’ll be proceeding with art for The ColoniesCities of Faith is proceeding steadily. We’re now waiting on art for both Vaticine City and Iskandar as well. 

Some of you might have seen the beautiful maps on display at GenCon. Our cartographer, Mark Richardson, burned the midnight oil to finish the files right before the convention. The files are finished! The Map Pack will be available soon through Backerkit for backers who backed at that level. On the physical production side, we went back to the original printer we received quotes from in 2015. When we received the new updated quotes for 2018, figures had changed. The rest of this month has involved us getting updated quotes from a variety of printers to ensure we’re getting the best maps at the best price. We’ve also been communicating with our shipper about how to package and ship the maps in the best way, both economically and to prevent damages. If there are problems in the proofing and shipping process this month, we'll communicate those with everyone. We're hopeful for smooth sailing from this point on. 

Now that Secret Societies is laid out, we wanted to share some more snippets of what is coming. Here is the first half of a field report from an agent of Die Kreuzritter:

From "Secret Societies", to be continued...

From "Secret Societies", to be continued...

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