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Kickstarter Update 70 (Production Update)
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QUOTE: John Wick Presents (published 2018-06-01, Friday)

We’re so happy to finally have Lands of Gold and Fire (digitally) in your hands. Thanks for your feedback on the book, and congratulations to the dev team for another special contribution to the world of 7th Sea.

Lands of Gold and Fire has arrived

Lands of Gold and Fire has arrived

We’ll be shipping physical books soon. With that, it’s time for another production update.

Production Schedule

The New World: COMPLETE

Lands of Gold and Fire: PDFs delivered, physical books shipping early June

Cities of Faith - Vaticine City: awaiting art, delivery estimate June 2018

The Colonies: in layout, PDF delivery estimated August 2018

Secret Societies: in layout, PDF delivery estimated September 2018

Cities of Faith - Iskandar: in layout, delivery TBD

Cities of Faith - Quamontaigne: dev editing, delivery TBD

Maps: Colonies map dev review, delivery estimated June 2018*

The Gossamer Empire: layout, electronic delivery estimated June 2018

*Maps! We love Mark Richardson, our 7th Sea cartographer. Mark works around-the-clock delivering beautiful, technical maps to us… and he’s currently recovering from appendicitis. Please send Mark your well-wishes and your patient recovery time. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the maps along the way!

Lands of Gold and Fire on DriveThru

If you know someone who missed out on the 2nd Edition Kickstarter who you think would love Ifri, Lands of Gold and Fire is now live on DriveThruRPG!

Lands of Gold and Fire on DriveThru

Lands of Gold and Fire on DriveThru

We’re proud to see this sourcebook on DriveThru’s TOP 5 bestseller list today! So much love goes into every book we make. We hope it really shows.

We’ll have more updates coming! The adventure continues!

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