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Kickstarter Update 68 (Full map of Terra preview)
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As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback about Lands of Gold and Fire. We’re happy to announce that the book has gone to print. It’ll take us about a week or two to generate the download-friendly files for you while we do printer proofs and make final adjustments, so expect PDF copies of Lands of Gold and Fire to drop in early May. Sorry about the slight delay!

Lands of Gold and Fire cover preview

Lands of Gold and Fire cover preview

Production Schedule

Here’s the current production schedule:

The New World: COMPLETE

Lands of Gold and Fire: at printer, PDF delivery estimated early May 2018

Cities of Faith - Vaticine City: awaiting art and final edits, delivery estimate May 2018

The Colonies: copy editing to layout, PDF delivery estimated July 2018

Secret Societies: copy editing, PDF delivery estimated August 2018

Cities of Faith - Iskandar: in layout, delivery TBD

Cities of Faith - Quamontaigne: dev editing, delivery TBD

Maps: Colonies map dev review, estimated May 2018

The Gossamer Empire: layout, electronic delivery estimated early May 2018

Map Preview

Print maps are still due to arrive in May (expect later in the month). Here’s an in-development preview of The Map of the Known World of Terra from cartographer Mark Richardson, including some border areas that aren’t final yet—we’re still playing around at the edges of the map a bit.

The Known World of Terra in-development preview

The Known World of Terra in-development preview

Pretty cool to see it all coming together, huh? We’ve seen a lot of the world now, and there’s so much left to explore!

We’ll see you here next month with Ifri PDFs and more!

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