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Kickstarter Update 40 (Missing Shipping and Damages)
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QUOTE: Mark Diaz Truman (published 2016-08-01, Monday)

Post-GenCon Shipping Update

Hey folks!

First, thanks to everyone who has posted comments, notes, and pictures about getting your books in the mail. It’s a joy to see people getting their books, and it’s really useful when we hear about problems early. Thanks! 

Domestic Shipping Woes

Speaking of problems, it became apparent as we headed out to Gen Con that something had gone wrong with domestic shipping. We had contracted with Gamerati to handle all 5,000+ orders of domestic books, delivered the first shipment to their warehouse on July 21st, and yet… folks still didn’t have their orders. We contacted Gamerati the week before Gen Con, and they reassured us that things were running smoothly.

And yet… many backers still didn’t have their books by the time Gen Con closed. Even worse, Gamerati was unable to provide tracking numbers that we could upload to Backerkit until today (long after many of you received your books). After some discussion, Gamerati has agreed to explain the situation more directly. Here’s what they have to say:

My name is Ed Healy, the owner of Gamerati.

Among other things, we often ship product on behalf of publishers. When John Wick Presents asked us to handle fulfillment of the 7th Sea Kickstarter in the domestic United States, I was excited. I've known John for nearly 20 years, and so I jumped at the chance to be of service to him—and you.

But, our service was lacking.

My shipping manager ran into a conflict with the United States Postal Service which should not have delayed the shipping of your books. However, I did not step into the situation in a timely manner, which resulted in a significant delay in getting books in the mail.

This was not the fault of John Wick Presents.

We received books from JWP well before Gen Con started. Given that media mail normally takes 3-5 business days to deliver, I said that every backer should have their book by the time copies of 7th Sea showed up in Indianapolis.

This did not happen.

Roughly 25% of the packages we sent likely did not arrive at backer doors before the show started.

As the owner of Gamerati, I take full responsibility for failing you.

Please know that John Wick Presents did not.

All of us at John Wick Presents worked hard to get the book ready with enough time to ship copies before Gen Con, and we’re as frustrated as you are that we weren’t able to get some of you books in a timely manner. Please accept our apologies as well for letting you down here, and know that we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure we don’t have similar problems for future shipments (pirate’s booty, supplements, dice, etc).

Damaged/Missing Books 

I got an updated list of tracking numbers from Gamerati today, which means that all domestic backers should have a good sense of where their books are in the mail system. (Check Backerkit if you didn’t get a direct email). International backers should also have received their books by this point, so we can start tracking down missing and/or damaged books and getting them replaced.

We are committed to making sure that each and every backer gets the book they ordered in great condition. If a book goes missing or shows up damaged, we will replace it. You all paid for big, beautiful books and we know it’s just not the same when they show up damaged (or don’t show up at all)!

If your book is damaged or misprinted, please fill out this form:


If your book is missing, please fill out this form:


Thanks for your patience while we sort through these issues. It may take a week or so, but we’re going to make sure everyone who ordered a book gets exactly what they ordered! 

Add-Ons, Supplements, and Future Shipments

Many of you have asked about the Sorte Decks, Hero Points, GM Screens, and more that were included with your orders. We’re still working on those, and we plan to have them out around October. We were very lucky to be able to put together the Core Rulebook early, but we’ve still got work to do on all these accessories. (The same goes for the sourcebooks, which are scheduled to start releasing in November…)

Now that we’ve mailed out the Core Rulebook, we’re looking into ways to make shipping the accessories and supplements go much more smoothly, including better packing materials, options for faster shipping, and more. We’ll have more information on this in September as we gear up for those shipments.

Thank You! 

Thank you all for your support. You’ve made 7th Sea: Second Edition something unique and special, a project that blew the doors off what people thought was possible on Kickstarter and relaunched a brand that many people thought would never return. Shipping out nearly 10,000 books was a unique challenge with a few bumps, but we’re excited about this first step… and all the other supplements and accessories we’re going to deliver to you all over the next year and a half.

We’re just getting started. Thanks so much for coming with us on this adventure. 

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