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Seventh Sea
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Kickstarter Update 39 (Shipping)
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QUOTE: Mark Diaz Truman (published 2016-08-01, Monday)

Shipping, Shipping, Shipping!

Hey folks!

First, we’re excited to see you all at Gen Con 2016! As a quick reminder, we’re going to be at Booth 3015:

We’d love to see any and all of you that want to drop by the booth and say hello. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from 7th Sea backers! Tell us about your characters and adventures! 

If you're interested in following along at home, please follow us on Twitter. We'll be tweeting text, images and video throughout the convention.

Domestic Shipping

With over 5,000 domestic packages shipping out, our fulfillment house has been quite busy. The books arrived at the warehouse from the printer on July 21st, and they’ve been shipping out books as fast as they can. At this rate, we expect all the books to be in the mail shortly, but we can’t guarantee when they are going to arrive. Typically, domestic mail takes only a few days, so we’ll put up a form (post-Gen Con) to report missing books. 

International Shipping 

Our international shipping is split up among a few different fulfillment houses:

Canada - Almost all of our Canadian books have been shipped, after crossing the border last week. Today is a holiday, so there might be a few that leave the warehouse tomorrow.

European Union - Our London-based shipper—despite the impending Brexit!—has been processing packages for about a week. We expect them to all be out in the next day or two as well.

Everywhere Else: All the books destined for Mexico, Greenland, Norway, Asia, and everywhere else in the world have already shipped! You should see them sometime in the next week as well.

Woo! That’s a lot of books headed out over the Seven Seas… 

Australia Shipping 

Unfortunately, we’ve had to step back from our Australian Region shipper, which means folks in Australia and New Zealand won’t be receiving their packages for at least another week. Our apologies! We had hoped to make it work as things got difficult, but it looks like we’ll need to find a different local partner for future books.

Instead, we’re going to ship the books via the traditional FedEx International Mail Service that we used to send all other Non-EU/Non-Canada shipments. The books will be on their way this week, but (unlike all our other packages) we have no hope of them reaching Australia/New Zealand backers before Gen Con.

So… we’re doing a limited Gen Con pickup for Australian and New Zealand backers. If you want to grab your book from us at Gen Con (and you’re an AU/NZ backer), please fill out this form:


We need to know early if you’re picking up a book, so please fill out this form by Tuesday, August 2nd at 8:00 PM Eastern. We’re excited to get you a book, so we need to make sure we have enough on hand.

Post-Gen Con Updates 

When we return from Gen Con (and get some rest!), we’ll have an update for you all on the progress with the decks of cards, maps, and additional supplements. We’ve got some great stuff cooking, and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

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Cthulhu Netobvious
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Some friends have posted the early photographs of copies of the Dread Pirate version of the 7th Sea 2e Core Rulebook as the books arrive across the world. 

7th Sea Dread Pirate Edition (Front)

And the back with the quotation from Mark Twain...

7th Sea Dread Pirate Edition (back)

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

Joachim Deneuve...
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I have mine!  Well, I have 5, since I'm the focal point for a Tight-knit Crew.

It looks like there's gonig to be a spine mosaic: the bottom 2 inches of the spine show the very edge of a shorenline portrait.

LibrariaNPC's picture

To anyone who's gotten there book, Pirate or Otherwise: I have two questions to pose to you while I wait for my copy to arrive (slightly rural area in the USA and waiting with anticipation).

1) What is the binding quality like? I remember the nightmare with the First Edition (and classic L5R) falling apart after general usage in short order, so I'm curious just how much abuse my books can take before they fall apart.

2) What sort of paper are we looking at for the pages? Glossy, or more of a matte? Curious so I know what sort of lighting to strive for when reading this (i.e. am I reading this comfortably during my lunch breaks beneath a ton of flourescent lights or not).

"Smilies exist because no one's bothered to create a sarcasm font." --Lost_Heretic

Joachim Deneuve...
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1)  Seems a pretty good perfect bound to me, and the map's in the inside front cover.

2)  Slightly glossy, more so on the artwork.

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My book just arrived. Right now.
Lady Grace
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