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Kickstarter Update 33
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QUOTE: John Wick Presents (published 2016-04-15, Saturday) Hey everyone! First, thank you all for your patience as we resolved the first round of 7th Sea: 1st Edition PDFs. Sending out 10,000+ PDFs was an exciting adventure, and we’re trying to perfect the system before we do it another dozen times in the next year. :D On that note…  Swashbuckling Adventure PDF Delivery  As many of you noted, we still owe you the additional Swashbuckling Adventure PDFs that we promised you during the campaign. We’ve got those PDFs attached to our DTRPG account now, so we’re almost ready to send them out! But we’re trying to find ways to send out PDFs that are a little easier on DTRPG’s servers. In addition, a number of backers never got the auto-generated email that DTRPG sent out, which has required us to respond to a lot of individual Kickstarter messages. We’re hoping we can find a better way. Here’s the plan: 1) We're going to get a roster of coupon codes from DTRPG for Swashbuckling Adventures. Yay! 2) We'll add those coupon codes to your orders in Backerkit. When you log on to Backerkit, your unique coupon code will be attached to your account. 3) You can got to DTRPG, put the PDFs in your card, and the coupon code will make them free to purchase! So… make sure you’ve filed out your Backerkit survey! You’re not going to get a coupon code if you haven’t filled out your Backerkit. Click here to recover your account if you didn’t get a survey email from Backerkit: https://7th-sea-second-edition.backerkit.com/ And don’t forget to let people know that they can still pre-order 7th Sea: Second Edition book through Backerkit as well: https://7th-sea-second-edition.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Stretch Goal Unlocked ($1.35M): Explorer’s Society  Since we came so close to unlocking our final stretch goal for the campaign, we extended the funding window through the Backerkit period. Let’s see how that turned out… So… you all smashed it out of the park! We needed a bit more than $30,000 to clear our final goal, and we’ve raised over $100k. Wow. Stay tuned for more information about the Explorer’s Society; we’re focused on the Core Rulebook for now, but we expect to launch the Explorer’s Society on DTRPG before the end of the year! Last Call for Writers and Artists  7th Sea: Call for Writers - Want to write for 7th Sea? Now’s your chance! (http://goo.gl/forms/tTxUJFVz2k) 7th Sea: Call for Artists - Want to contribute art to 7th Sea? We’d love to talk to you! (http://goo.gl/forms/eJdUaCgawh) Thanks! Have a great weekend everyone!

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True Iskander
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Hooray for Explorer's Society!  Fan-generated content can be wonderful to keep a fandom lively and engaged.

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