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Kickstarter - 7th Sea Khitai (The East)
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Support this project (7th Sea Khitai)

A new STANDALONE RPG in the world of 7th Sea that expands the setting to new shores! Same game, but all-new Nations, Backgrounds, Advantages and Heroes!

Two years ago, 7th Sea: Second Edition broke every RPG record on Kickstarter. Now, 7th Sea: Khitai expands the world of Théah to the East, including new Nations like Fuso, Han and Shenzhou.

Khitai is full of fantastic surprises: monster-filled mountains and seas, where gods walk the earth and spirits communicate with healers and mystics through ancient relics and visions.

Twenty years ago, I helped tell the story of Rokugan’s Clan War in Legend of the Five Rings. It’s been a long time since I’ve explored that territory, and this time, we’re not just limited to Japan. We’ve been talking about how to approach the the Pacific Rim for a long time. Now, we’re ready to show you what we’ve been planning.

And if you want to look at 7th Sea: Khitai, you can download the Quickstart TODAY! It’s got all you need to try out the game, including characters, mechanics, and a starter adventure!

Why Does It Matter?

The Big Question in 7th Sea is “What does it mean to be a hero?” I wasn’t content with just the European answer. I wanted to include Heroes from all over the world to come play in our sandbox. 7th Sea: Khitai is a chance to allow the Eastern Hero into the world and bring more voices into the discussion.

In the East, the Hero’s role is different than in Théah. The Call to Adventure is very real, a spiritual urge to travel toward one’s destiny. It is not metaphor, but an inevitable pull all Heroes feel, a pull toward a duty that is greater than a Hero’s own desires. The Song of the World brings these Heroes together to fulfill important roles.

In Théah, the Hero walks her own path. In Khitai, the Hero serves the World.

In Théah, honor is personal. In Khitai, it is supernatural.

What’s New?

7th Sea: Khitai is a standalone game; you don’t need any other books to play it. Khitai uses the same ENnie Award winning system from 7th Sea: Théah, but with new twists to make the game fit the concepts of the East.

Khitai Heroes receive Hero Points based on duty rather than the Western Hero’s passionate ideals. Eastern Heroes also have a new set of Traits: seven virtues players choose to personalize their own Hero’s sense of duty to the World.

And instead of Sorcery, Khitai Heroes invoke Mysticism: powers drawn from spiritual guides or your own unique past.

Khitai character sheet mockup

Khitai character sheet mockup

Of course, there’s more. Each new Nation has its own unique Backgrounds with new Quirks and Advantages.

But most importantly, all the new mechanics from the East can be easily imported to your Théan Heroes. All the rules in Khitai are 100% compatible with the rules from 7th Sea: Second Edition.

What do you do in 7th Sea: Khitai?

In 7th Sea: Khitai, players take on the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of a race long vanished and answering the Call to Adventure.

As a Khitai Hero, you might...

  • Save the Daimyo of the White Fox Clan from assassination!
  • Lead the navies of Han against Fusoese pirates!
  • Take on ten assassins with swords, knives, and guns all on your own!
  • Make decisions that alter the very course of Khitai history!

In 7th Sea: Khitai, you are a Hero ready to live and die for causes that matter. You don’t start off digging through old dungeons hoping to find a copper piece or two. No! You are noble samurai, a loyal yojimbo, or a mystical monk channeling the spirit of the World.

In other words… you’re Sanjuro from Yojimbo, Yu Shu Lien from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Yeo Wol from The Pirates, and Zatoichi all rolled up into one!

This is a game of high adventure, mystery, and martial arts.

This is a game of intrigue and romance.

This is 7th Sea: Khitai!

The kingdoms of Khitai add a rich and diverse region to the face of the 7th Sea world. A more detailed description of each nation can be found in the Khitai Quickstart, available to download for free on DriveThruRPG.

Agnivarsan Empire: A fertile, dense land made of tiny kingdoms, struggling to hold together among a dozen different courts and mysterious dense jungles.

Fuso: A powerful island nation devoted to military might and domination, standing on the brink of ascension to power—if anyone can agree who ought to be in charge.

Han: Once the cultural and cosmopolitan center of the East, but now little more than a province of Shenzhou, locked in a secret battle to reclaim its liberty..

Kammerra: A wild and deadly land, home to gigantic monsters, colossal animals, and ferocious supernatural threats, hiding a world of spirit as real to the locals as the material one.

The Kiwa Islands: A shifting collection of island nations across the southern Eastern Sea, where voyagers race to explore and claim territory, despite the danger of monsters rising from the turbulent depths..

Nagaja: A mandala of hidden kingdoms oft overlooked, where the ruler—a god-king descended from serpents—battles supernatural threats intent on overthrowing the government and taking it for themselves.

Shenzhou: The largest nation, diverse in geography and people, intent on bringing together all Khitai and then the rest of Terra in a single world nation.

Khazaria: The gateway to Khitai, home of the great Khazar civilization that once controlled more territory than any other power in Terra’s history.

The core mechanics of 7th Sea emphasize action and excitement. With a handful of d10s, a single Hero can leap from rooftop to rooftop, run along a tree branch, take out a group of brutes, intimidate the Villain, and flirt with the noble lord in the Villain’s custody…all with one roll!

Players use Raises, which are sets of dice. Every Raise gives you one action. In 7th Sea, rolling dice doesn’t tell you if you succeed or fail, but how much you succeed!

The GM creates Opportunities and Consequences for the players to deal with in each Scene. Players may have a lot of Raises, but they never have enough to deal with every problem in a Scene. So, they have to make difficult choices. Face down the Villain or rescue the farmer’s family from a death trap? The players decide!

Combine dice to create Raises—sets that add up to ten. Every Raise gives you one action!

Combine dice to create Raises—sets that add up to ten. Every Raise gives you one action!


Khitai is not just a land of swords and spears. It is also a land full of mystery and mysticism. Players can take the roles of Heroic diplomats and mystics, hoping to find nonviolent solutions for Khitai’s many problems.

  • The stoic monk who uses her ancient wisdom to calm the angry spirits. 
  • The retired swordsman who only draws his weapon as a last resort.
  • The honorable diplomat who is the only honest heart in a den of vipers.

You can play all of these Heroes, plus many more, in the world of Khitai!

Players can also explore the many mysteries of Khitai, including its mystical elements. Instead of sorcery, Heroes of Khitai invoke ancient spirits and ask for their power. Easy to use, but deeply evocative, the Khitai magic system rewards player creativity and roleplaying over everything else. One cannot simply command ancient spirits to do your bidding after all!

One book isn’t enough! We want to explore all of Khitai and to do that, we need to hit some stretch goals. These allow us to expand the core line of sourcebooks and throw in some additional rewards for our backers. The last time we did this, we added eleven sourcebooks, a GM screen, three novels and even more. We’re ready to do it again!

We’re starting with one sourcebook already unlocked: Fuso!

A land of valiant samurai, mystical nispa and mysterious kamuy. The Mikado and Shogun are in a covert struggle to control Fuso, but first, they must win over the Clans. Which side will you choose? The Fuso sourcebook contains more details on this Nation. New details on the Clans, more Backgrounds, more Advantages and Fuso’s unique mysticism.

Here's what we've got planned next...


 We hope to unlock even more stretch goals with your support! Stay tuned!

We're so excited to expand 7th Sea east of Théah and our reward tiers are packed with cool stuff. We’ve got physical books, 2nd Edition PDFs, special play opportunities and beautiful treasures to fill an Emperor's chest!

Since we’re funding a whole line, we’re handling rewards a bit differently than you might be used to on Kickstarter. When you back at a level that includes a sourcebook, you choose which sourcebook you get when the campaign is over through Backerkit. You're free to get any book you want or even snag multiple copies of the same sourcebook.

Here's a more detailed explanation of some of the rewards you'll find in the sidebar of the Kickstarter page:

Song of the World Adventures ($35 - PILGRIM and above reward levels)

We're expanding our 7th Sea Adventures line to include Khitai! These new adventures serve as a gateway to the East, with ready-to-play storylines and scenarios, allowing you and your friends a way to immerse yourselves in the game quickly and with a minimum of prep time.

You'll receive three (3) Song of the World adventures for Khitai as part of this reward level, two supporting the core rulebook and one supporting Fuso, our first supplement. As more sourcebooks get unlocked, we'll also be unlocking adventures to support each one, and you'll receive those too!

7th Sea: 2nd Ed PDFs ($40 - SCHOLAR and above reward levels)

Here's a list of all ten PDFs included from Second Edition, along with estimated official release dates for the last few books:

  • 7th Sea: Second Edition Core Rulebook 
  • Heroes & Villains 
  • Pirate Nations 
  • Nations of Théah: Volume 1 
  • Nations of Théah: Volume 2 
  • The Crescent Empire 
  • The New World 
  • Lands of Gold and Fire 
  • The Colonies (Jan 2017) 
  • Secret Societies (Feb 2017) 

We'll deliver these PDFs around December 1st, after everyone's pledges have cleared. In addition to these books, you get every Khitai PDF we unlock as we finish them, beginning with Fuso and continuing with everything we fund through this campaign.

Featured Add-Ons ($80 - WANDERER and above reward levels)

We're starting our campaign with three featured add-ons: Khitai dice, Khitai hero points and a Khitai gamemaster screen. If your pledge doesn't include one for free (or you want more than one), you can add them on to your pledge for $20. 

Chessex Jade Dice Proof

Chessex Jade Dice Proof


Hero Point Mockup

Hero Point Mockup


Khitai GM Screen. Art and design not final.

Khitai GM Screen. Art and design not final.

Limited Edition Core Rulebook ($250 - MIKADO and above levels)

We are incredibly excited to present a new limited edition book for 7th Sea: Khitai:

Khitai Limited Edition Core Rulebook

Khitai Limited Edition Core Rulebook

Emperor's Chest ($250 - Mikado and above levels)

In addition the limited edition book, Mikado backers (and above) will also receive a collection of featured add-ons with their pledge: the Emperor's Chest. So far, the Chest includes:

  • Ten (10) Khitai Dice 
  • Twenty (20) Khitai Hero Points
  • Khitai GM Screen

We'll add more to the Emperor's Chest as the campaign continues.

1st and 2nd Edition PDFs ($250 - Mikado and above levels)

Here's a list of all the books (39 BOOKS!) included in the 1st Edition collection (total retail value: $350+):

  • 7th Sea Villains Kit
7th Sea: Compendium

  • 7th Sea: Game Master's Guide 

  • 7th Sea: Game Master's Screen 

  • 7th Sea: Players' Guide 
Cathay: Jewel of the East
  • Church of the Prophets
  • Crescent Empire
  • Freiburg (Boxed Set) 

  • Heroes, Villains & Monsters 
Islands of Gold: The Midnight Archipelago
  • Knights and Musketeers
  • Mightier Than the Sword
  • Nations of Théah: Avalon
  • Nations of Théah: Montaigne
  • Nations of Théah: Castille
  • Nations of Théah: Eisen
  • Nations of Théah: The Pirate Nations
  • Nations of Théah: Ussura
  • Nations of Théah: Vendel & Vesten
  • Nations of Théah: Vodacce
  • Rapier's Edge: Adventures in Théah 

  • Scoundrel's Folly
  • Secret Societies: Die Kreuzritter
  • Secret Societies: Explorer's Society 

  • Secret Societies: Los Vagos
  • Secret Societies: Rilasciare: The Free Thinkers
  • Secret Societies: Sophia's Daughters 

  • Secret Societies: The Invisible College 

  • Secret Societies: The Knights of the Rose and Cross
  • Ships and Sea Battles
  • Strongholds and Hideouts
  • Swashbuckling Arcana
  • Swordsman's Guild
  • Tangled Strands 

  • The Arrow of Heaven 
The Montaigne Revolution
  • The Sidhe Book of Nightmares 

  • Waves of Blood

In addition to these 1st Edition books, Mikado+ backers will also receive the entire 2nd Edition collection, including both Cities of Faith and Cities of Wonder (total retail value for both collections: $700+). 

7th Sea is a game that spans the entire world, and our Kickstarter is no different. We're excited to send books to anywhere you are, including Europe, South America, Australia, and more! Thanks to Kixto Fulfillment, backers in the EU, CA, and AU won't pay any customs or VAT on their shipments.

After shipping more than 15,000 books all over the world, we've got a good sense of what it takes to deliver on our Kickstarter promises. That said, each Kickstarter presents unique challenges for predicting shipping costs, including shipping across international borders!

For this project, we will be charging shipping as we fulfill each item. YOUR PLEDGE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF SHIPPING. We will be using a pledge manager like Backerkit to collect information from backers and handle add-ons and pre-orders, but we will deliver each physical item by sending you a code you can redeem on our website, paying for shipping when you order the book. Each coupon will be valid for one year from the date of issue.

We’ve used this coupon system for the last year to deliver rewards for the 7th Sea: Second Edition Kickstarter, and it’s worked wonderfully to ensure that we are sending packages to backers’ current addresses. In addition, you’ll be able to group books together, saving on shipping by adding multiple items to one order.

Estimated Shipping Costs

Domestic Shipping: For traditional USPS shipping, we expect to charge $5 per package through our website. If you’d like to get your package more quickly, we’ll have new upgrade options to USPS Priority, UPS, etc.

EU/AU/CA Shipping: We will (once again) be working with our fulfillment partners in the European Union, Australia, and Canada to ship books to backers with a minimum of fees. Typically, the cost to ship a 7th Sea package through these partners is $15-20. We will be offering new upgrade options that include tracking numbers, priority international shipping, etc.

Rest of the World Shipping: In general, we expect the cost to ship to the rest of the world to be roughly $20-25 per package. We will be offering new upgrade options that include tracking numbers, priority international shipping, but be aware that upgraded shipping will probably start at $100+.

I founded JWP to give a platform for a wide spectrum of voices to show off their talents and contribute to our worldbuilding and game development, and I'm proud to continue that tradition for 7th Sea: Khitai.

I'll be developing the corebook, but I've got a great staff working alongside me, including names you know from 7th Sea: Second Edition and some new folks we plan to bring along for the ride. I can't wait to show you what we've got brewing!


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Joachim Deneuve...
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In 3 hours.

Now we have a month and a bit of stretch goals and rewards...

Cthulhu Netobvious
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A big stretch goal was conquered. At the $150,000 the full map of Khitai is unlocked. 

7th Sea Khitai Stretch Goal the Map of Khitai at $150K

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

Seventh Sea
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QUOTING:John Wick Presents (published 2018-01-16) 

​Backerkit Launch

The first round of Backerkit surveys will go out by Wednesday. These surveys will not go out to every backer immediately, so please be patient. If you don’t get an email today, you should receive an email about your survey by Wednesday.

Because of the size of the project, Backerkit first sends out a “smoke test.” The smoke test means that the Backerkit emails first go out to 5% of the total project backers. This way, if there are any mistakes in the Backerkit configuration, we can catch them before they cascade.

By Friday, January 19th the Backerkit surveys will be live and available to all backers. Please keep an eye on your inbox for the full survey that will let you select your sourcebooks and add-ons, upgrade your pledge, and give us all the information we need to get your books to you later this year.

Everyone must fill out the Backerkit survey to get your books, so make sure you get that to us. Even if you backed the project for $1 or “no reward,” you can take part in the Backerkit survey to snag add-ons now.

Backerkit Support

For Backerkit support and Kickstarter rewards questions, please message us either through Backerkit, or email info@johnwickpresents.com directly. With so many comments spread between multiple campaigns, responding to comments on the public Kickstarter page means that conversation threads get lost quickly. We'll be able to help you faster and look up your private account information if you reach out to us through one of the official channels.

A few more announcements about Backerkit:

Add-ons and Upgrades

If you want to add additional items to your order or upgrade your pledge, Backerkit will allow you to add extra funds to your order. The Backerkit survey makes the process smooth and easy, but let us know if you encounter any problems or issues.

Please remember that this may be your last chance to get items that will have a limited print run: the jade dice, Khitai Hero points, the 2nd ed Pirate Edition core rulebook. We might have more of those items in the future, but we can’t guarantee it!

Note that we have a retailer level, which entitles retailers to discounts for store purchasing. We’ll be verifying retailer status, so be mindful of accidentally adding the discounted retailer-level books to your cart! If your friendly local game store isn’t currently stocking 7th Sea, let them know. They can hop on board and add whatever they’d like from the retailer level as a preorder.

A snapshot of the retailer-only options available for Khitai

A snapshot of the retailer-only options available for Khitai

Backerkit Preorders

With the launch of the Backerkit, we’ll be open for preorders! Please check out the link below for our 7th Sea Preorder page:


If someone you know missed the campaign, they’ll be able to get on board through the preorder page, so please spread the word! The more funds we raise through the Backerkit preorders, the more likely it is we’ll be able to offer future sourcebooks for Khitai!

Lockdown and Charge Dates

Both backers and preorders have until March 2018 to change their order (exact date TBD). At that time, we’ll lock down everyone’s orders so that we have consistent numbers for production.

If you add on any funds to your order (or preorder), we’ll charge those additional funds on April 1st. Please let us know if you want us to charge your account earlier than that date. Thanks!

Han Sourcebook and PDF

If you missed our last backer update, because of your enthusiasm for Khitai, we decided to unlock the Han sourcebook. The hardcover version of the book is available as an add-on, or you can select Han as one of your chosen sourcebooks if you backed the project at a level that entitles you to 7th Sea: Khitai books beyond the main core rulebook.

Because Han was not unlocked as part of the campaign, the PDF will not be included by default for PDF-only backers. Instead, we’re offering the PDF at a one-time 50% off discount of $10. If you’re selecting the Han hardcover book, all hardcover books come with a complimentary copy of the PDF.

Han PDF-only and hardcover levels

Han PDF-only and hardcover levels

First and Second Edition PDFs

Last but not least, if you backed at levels that entitle you to 7th Sea: First or Second Edition PDFs, we’ll be distributing those DriveThruRPG PDF codes after you’ve filled out your survey. It will take a few weeks to process through those and to distribute those codes through Backerkit as your survey results come in.

Thank You!

Thank you again for supporting the continuation of the 7th Sea line. Because this campaign built off many of the rewards offered in Second Edition, this was a complex project for the JWP and Backerkit team. We appreciate your patience and we can’t wait to send out the first production update.

That’ll be coming soon, so expect a Khitai timeline and production-focused update at the end of the month.

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