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Kickstarter 114 - Cities of Faith and Wonder Update
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QUOTE: John Wick (published 2021-10-23 (Saturday)

Cities of Faith and Wonder is in layout as our amazing layout artist Robert Denton goes to work! Here's the first pages of the Vaticine City chapter including art. 

I wanted to show you this step of the process to give you a better idea of the behind-the-scenes going on as we bring the book in to the finish line. This is a chapter in progress. You'll notice some of the art says "We can't use this!" That's because we used temp art to get a feel for how the page looks. We're getting a different background pic from Aaron Acevedo to fill that spot. Also, as we lay out the book, Robert lets us know where we have some spaces where new art (or text) can go.

Check out with the link provided here and let me know what you all think. I expect Cities to be finished by the end of the year. After that, all we have left is Land of a Thousand Nations (formerly, The Colonies.)

Also, we have a new sketch for the background we'll be using. I just approved it, so the final is on its way.

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