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Seventh Sea
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Independent Press Revolution - Physical copies of 7th Sea
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Great news for those of you who need additional physical copies of the 7th Sea Second Edition.

John Wick Presents has nominated Independent Press Revolution for printed (and PDF) copies of all the books.

And you can even get them in many local stores (not all countries represented, but enough big cities are listed).

:List of Retail Stores (working with IPR)

IPR online PDF "7th Sea: Second Edition" core rulebook (click to purchase)

Cover of 7th Sea Second Edition at IPR

IPR is a network of quality creator-publishers.

That means they only carry the best of the small press, selling directly to customers and to discerning retailers.

This approach serves two purposes:

(a) First, customers know that whatever they order from us meets a certain standard of quality because they selectively recruit the creator-publishers listed on the site.

(b) Second, creator-publishers receive a greater portion of a sale on our site than almost anywhere else because they sell directly to customers.

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