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Amy Girouard
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How does crafting work?

Has anyone found anything on how crafting actually works in the core rulebook? There's no crafting skill so what if a player wanted to craft an item to generate WP?

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With the rules as written, anything the character uses as a weapon automatically deals 1 WP per Raise spent. This means anything they can pick up is valid weapon here. 

Money is also not necessarily an issue here. Players get Wealth points pretty easily (up to 5 without being Rich; at that point, up to 8), so they can purchase what they need without any real hassle as long as it is available.

If a player wanted to craft a weapon to serve a purpose (such as a heavy weapon for their school), I'd allow them to simply use either Scholarship or Weaponry for that purpose. Alternatively, if I didn't want to bother with dice rolling, I'd allow them to spend a Hero Point and explain how they are getting said weapon made (i.e. are the forging it? Is it scouring for a stick that is just the right size and shape? etc).

I do agree that it is odd that we don't have any notes on crafting with the Masterpeice Crafter Advantage, as the wording is conflicting. It almost opens with "you may increase the time you work on it in order to create an item of greater quality," which makes me think there is a form of a timeline, yet the paragraph ends with "The time required to create a Signature item [...] is always a GM's discretion", which makes it sound like all crafting is at the speed of plot.

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Wolfflin Huyghen
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When we were in our first session, all the players asked me. " What we ca use for craft?". I didn't know what to tell them if they dont want to make weapons. And yes, they didn't want to make any weapon.

All of them wanted to have one skill to make objects, so, they researched a lot in the book. Until that they determined use Performance for it. Maybe that work for you.

I understand that with that system, where you only can fail or make the things perfect, also doing whatever you want with other skill if you use one extra raise, (p.173), have a "craft" skill have no sense.

They create that hole with "Masterpiece Crafter Adventage", so the players can choose that if they really want to be crafters. So, they erased the skill because if you want to be a crafter you usually want to be the best. And you have that with that Adventage.

In my opinion (and also my team thinks the same) that erased a really wonderfull skill "ofice/crafter" that gave A LOT of colour to the characters. It was really wonderfull for the atmosphere of the game (I made campaings only reading the list of professions in 1st edition), imprve the story of the characters with their previous life and it also marked the "character of the characters" in their own skills. It's not the same have a ussuran fencer than a ussuran fencer perfumer and some kind of reflect of that in the game. Maybe never usefull. But when it was, you really, really feel that you were in a film. Yes, I know that "You can do that now with the story of your characters".

Ps: Also, when I read "GM’s discretion" in that book it's like read "We don't want to create another rule that can change the basic rules"cheeky.


Amy Girouard
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Well the only reason someone would want to craft would be to generate Wealth points. And I mean if someone could play a harp and generate Wealth points equal to their Perform skill. Why have an advantage that focuses on crafting but no crafting skill for it to work on. It wouldn't need any different rules than already exist and it would be a skill that governs crafting, trades, and the non performance based artforms. I thought Scholorship as well but I always thought that to be book smarts and knowledge. You don't think of the scholorly sorts when you think of a blacksmith. But I guess if that's all there is it's either that or add a craft skill at your own discretion.
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"You don't think of the scholorly sorts when you think of a blacksmith."

You'd be surprised how much knowledge it takes for this. As a librarian and a blacksmith, I can attest that "a lot" is just scratching the surface.

Yes, it is one part technique, but there is a great deal of metallurgy going on. You need to know what heat to bring the metal to in order to best shape it and not burn/melt it. You need to know what temperature you will need if you want to welt two peices of metal together (as well as knowing what you can use as flux to promote the weld).If you are working with tools or weapons, there's an entire process called "heat treating" that involves raising the metal to a specific temperature, cooling it rapidly by quenching it in some form of liquid (and depending on the metal and end goal, the quenchant will vary), and then heating it back up slowly to maintain a set temperature based on the desired hardness. This doesn't even scratch the major things that we haven't figure out yet in today's era, such as the Ulfberht swords or even Damascus.

So...yes, Perform could work for metalworking (as the sculpting/artistic side of things), but Scholarship is just as valid when you look at it.

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Creating a nice object is just as much art as technique. I default to perform for it. That skill is open to definition ( sing, play, dance, chef, sculpt, etc.). If they were looking at something alchemical or say perfuming, that might be scholar as it could involve mixing portions. Forging weapons could be Weaponry or perform I suppose.
Antti Kautiainen
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I think the answer depends what do you want to do with crafting. If you want to get something with it, it is tempt, if you want to convince someone, it is convince, if you want to make blade it is melee or science. I think this is good opportunity for resolve, which got removed from combat. Almost always crafting items is resolve, unless the focus of the the crafting is fine details. 

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