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Hero points economy
hero points

How many HP are players supposed to get (in your experience) in a game? In your games, how often do they fail to get one? One of my players wants to play a sorcerer (probably sorte or sanderis) but activating most "powers" costs a HP. He can get on HP for Hubris and Quirk. Then there are fail and "sell dice" options - which of these is more popular in your games?

Also: when you "sell dice" - do you do this before you roll? Before you declare?

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Harliquinn Whit...
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There are a lot of ways to earn Hero Points

1) Activate your hubris (1 / game session) - Usually comes up every game with clever players

2) Use one of your 2 background quirks (1 / game session each) - Usually get 1 of these / game

3) Have extra dice from a risk that the GM buys (this is the major source of Hero Points) - Usually gain 3-5 of these per game

4) Do something worthy of earning a Hero Point from your GM (This varies by table) - Usually 1-2 of these per game



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and dice are bought AFTER the roll.  The GM may buy dice that were not included in a set for a raise. 

As a GM, you should always buy any result that leaves 3 or more dice unused.  You should buy 2 dice results unless your player is already sitting on 3 or more Hero Points.

And you should buy 1 die if your player is needing them to activate things or has spent all their HP on things. 

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What do you mean "I should"? I think the player decides whether he wants to sell the dice or not - and my players (so far) prefer me to have as few DP as possible.

Catalina Arciniega
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Players can't object to GMs buying unused dice, they can however calculate their rises leaving the fewest possible unused dice.
Harliquinn Whit...
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As long as they stop each 'pool' of dice once you reach 10. Players can't just throw on extra dice once they've added to 10.

BluSponge blusp...
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Whoa! Buzzt! Sorry. Players do get a choice. They can say no. That's why you sweeten the pot with HPs. And Sal's advice as to when to step in and offer to buy is spot on. A roll that left three dice on the table would be a TERRIBLE roll. A handful of HP would go a long way to relieve the shame that accompanies it. ;)

Harliquinn Whit...
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I believe it was asked and answered previously that players don't get to choose. It's the GM who gets to choose whether to buy them or not. This was also confirmed by John Wick at GenCon at our table when he mentioned players have to stop adding dice to Raises once they reach 10 (or 15). Therefore unused dice are always 'available for puchase' by the GM, and only the GM has the choice.


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AAaah, I missed that! Thanks! Come to me, my Danger Points!

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