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Tobie Abad
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Have any of you tried my adventures?
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Curious to know if anyone has tried my adventures.
Or tried using Tremaine as a Villain in their games?


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Nestor Rodriguez
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I'm not much of a horror fan, but I was eyeing The Widow's Secret as a potential Story for my players. One of them fancies himself an explorer. smiley

"I've got a degree in kicking arse and I'd have a doctorate in not giving a damn if I'd bothered to attend the ceremony."

Tobie Abad
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Thank you for responding. Forum says 22 people read this, so out of around 20, you at least did try one of my adventures. 
I'll look into non-horror adventures in the future.

Thank you!

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I had thought about Red, Red Winter.  However, none of the players took Avalon Heroes and so far haven't been intrested in going that far North.  If they ever get there, it is a possibility.


Tobie Abad
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Thank you again!

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I've purchased "The Widow's Secret" but have not had the opportunity to run it yet. 

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