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Gotham as an influence tutorial
So, I just sat through this series again and it is a great study in how influence should wax and wane for a villain. The Penguin, Fish Mooney, Ed Nygma, Thomas Galavan, Hugo Strange and even lowly henchman Butch Galzeen all have arcs running over the two seasons where their power rises and falls based on how their plans succeed or get foiled. Penguin starts with nothing and climbs to the top taking several setbacks on the way. Hugo starts so far behind the scenes we never get involves until he is really strong but he overspends on villain agents and gets himself in trouble. Fish climbs and falls like a yo-yo proving that a great villain can rebuild from literally a hole in the ground. And Ed is the bad guy the heroes overlook long enough to gain just enough power to become truly dangerous. This series can teach a GM a ton about plotting a villain arc.
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