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Glamour/Greater Luck

Hello guys,

I'm creating my character, an avalonian duelist, and I was confused when I looked the description for the Greater Luck glamour. It says that you can add your ranks to the value of any die and it also does not limit the use to your minor trait.

I was wondering if that meant that you can add 5 to your dice once or to every die for that risk. Because if it's the first case, then it kinda sucks, even compared to other minor glamours like Stronger than you.

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Donovan Morningfire
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It's any single die in your Risk Pool.

Bear in mind that Greater Luck offers a lot more versatility in what Trait it affects, where something like Stronger Than You is limited entirely to Brawn, restricting which Knights can take that Glamour; Greater Luck by contrast is available to all Knights.

Also, keep in mind that Greater Luck offers a sure thing, so when you spend your Hero Point you know exactly what effect you're getting.  So if you're only a few points shy of making another Raise, you can activate Greater Luck and know for a fact that you've got that extra Raise.  Stronger Than You can offer a lot of dice once you've bought it up, but there's always the chance those dice could roll really low, leaving you with a bunch of unspent dice the GM is under zero obligation to "purchase," thus leaving you down a Hero Point and not much to show for it.

If you're a Knight who has Brawn as their Minor Trait, then mathematically you probably are better off just taking Stronger Than You, especially if you start with at least 2 ranks in it, as that gives you 2 bonus dice for your Brawn Risks as opposed to the single bonus die that spending a Hero Point to boost your own dice pool would.

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I understood, thanks!

TheFrenchDude C...
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Thank you for the explanation. I used it with "all the die get the bonus" and it was obviously broken.

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