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Luis Olmeda
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Five Sails
Five Sails


Any of you know where I can get information about the city of Five Sails? I want that place to be the background for my campaign, but I can´t find almost anything about that city...

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Harliquinn Whit...
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There isn't anything official yet.

Having played at GenCon with John Wick, we 'built' Five Sails based upon player input. The big thing was there were 'districts' for each of the Five Nations and then an "Everyone else District"

Mars University
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Looking forward to seeing this, as well.

Based on Harliquinn's comment and the scraps referenced in the Core book, it sounds like it should be an independant diplomatic/trade port? I'm picturing something simliar to Denver in the Shadowrun setting: each participating Nation has authority over their district, but an independant Mayor is elected and maintains civil order through a city watch or guard (possibly controlling the "Everyone Else District" as well). It could really function as a Geneva for Theah, the place to go for large-scale treaties or agreements where more than a couple of Nations are affected. I'm sure there would be plenty of spies handy, and Mociutes Skara probably has a big presence behind the scenes. For everyone else, there'd have to be lots of smuggling and piracy that never occurs, as far as the Mayor's office is concerned.

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It's certain to see some major attention in am early sourcebook but it will really need to wow me to ever get used in any game I run. I hate artificial neutral zones, nothing about them ever works well.
James Anderson
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We have two threads on this.  Can we get them merged?

Darryl Anderson
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I really like the idea of the 5 sails. Is this a 1e place or a 2e place? Is it detailed anywhere? Thanks ahead of time
Star West
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Five Sails is new to 2e. We'll have to wait for them to release details for it. I suspect we'll see something regarding Five Sails in Pirate Nations.

Donovan Morningfire
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Yeah, brand new location.

Hopefully Kevin's right and that it gets discussed in Pirate Nations, or baring that one of the new Nations of Theah books.

Should be an interesting place, what with apparently being on the borders of Castille, Eisen, and Vodacce.  Just on that alone it should be a very interesting place to base a campaign around.


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James Anderson
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Castille, Eisen, Vodacce, Ussura, and Sarmatia all come together at 5 sails.  It apparently has a governor who is not democratically in power.  (There was a story example to get him replaced).

I'm seeing shades of Shadowrun's Denver.  Without being a mile high.  In fact, it's probably at sea level ;)

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I know a little bit. Each bordering nation has a district they control and there is a sixth shared by the other nations. Lots of trade (legal and otherwise) rumor has it the law doesn't have jurisdiction from district to district.
Harliquinn Whit...
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If John Wick has his way, it will be a Boxed Set :) Further details I can't divulge.

Star West
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I have confirmation that it definitely won't be in Pirate Nations, which means it'll probably get the Freibrug Treatment as Harliquinn suggests; it seems like that's what it's being set up for.

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Which will make less sense schedule- wise. Build a neutral site for groups to start from and explain the team diversity then release it at the end of the schedule.
Jeremy Glassford
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Five Sails is North East of San Gustavo, and North by North west of Vestini, Vodacce.


Its my understanding that there are/were five distrctis, one for each: Eisen, Castille, Vodacce, Ussura, and The Sarmartian Commonwealth, but then Montiagn wanted to own the whole island and invaded and took a piece for themselves.

Jack Of Shadows
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It seems like a good city to start the chronicle on. I also noticed it is at the mouth of a river that works as a natural border between Ussura and the Commonwealth. There is confirmation that the city is actually an island though? That makes that part of it would be, but that landmass is not indicated on the map, which is why I worked on the idea of a semi-circular city.

I featured this city in my campaign, started with each of the adventurers headed there for one reason or another. Obviously no official information as far as governing structure or anything else has been released, so here is what I fleshed out:

Five Sails was an old Numan trading post at one point that fell into disrepair when the empire fell. It was not largely inhabited until during the War of the Cross when it became a refugee city from the different nations fighting in the War. The refugees, including nobles that had recently been ousted from their lands, developed the city and governmental structure over shared control of the city as a whole, however individual policing of the different districts. The coast and the river work as ports for all of the nations involved, though they may also sell that space out to individuals or independent agencies. The original creation of the docks was done by a member of the Ordunez family who gave the docks to the City as a whole when it became fully established as a symbold of good will. 

The government works off a cConsul, drawing from the old numan title of the leader of the territory this was the capital of at one point, and that Consul is assisted by 4 counselors (i need to work on a different title for that part) who are elected from the different districts and serve as the nation or district's liason and governing body. The Counselors rotate acting as Consul every 2 years in a cycle that makes sure to include each Counselor and therefore each nation that divides Five Sails. 

Technically the districts are on individual nation's lands, however the city claims to be independent and only adheres to as much of the individual nation's laws as they need to to not cause waves. 

Castille - Two Twins of the remaining Ordunez family that created the docks, they take turns acting as Counselor or managing the docks in general or overall as the city still needs them to maintain the docks and the like.

Eisen - Currently the Consul in my game, a former Noble of the Bergermann family who's family was ousted from their lands during the War of the Cross. He was an infantryman who lost his love and family, and is looking to uncover his lands and transition the city to an officially Eisen territory if he can prove that this land used to belong to his family and is able to retake the Earlship (german equivalent, but not Konigreich) that his family held. The river is also one of the main vias to reach Heilgrund, so it is very important to the country and the struggling capital. 

Ussura - Mostly peasant-refugees, I haven't gone that far into this Counselor as the party focused on some other stuff, but essentially he was going to be a former bandit that was stealing from the Bogatyr and giving back to the people and works as sort of a man-of-the-people but goes through back channels and the like. Very jovial, but not a good person to make enemies with.

Sarmatian Commonwealth - The Counselor Vladirmir Dymek is a super-devout Vatacine that left his lands to bring the true light of Theus to the impoverished and poor refugees of Five Sails. He is known to work closely with the Church as well as the Vodacce Counselor. He has even rented part of the larger dock portion of the district to the Merchant's Consortium.

Vodacce - Counselor Vespucci comes from a long family line that can trace themselves back to the old Numan trading post that existed before the fall. Ultimately he wants the entire city as his own, but for now, he has no issue fleecing the different merchants in the city by legitimizing his gang as the Merchant's Consortium and taking insurance on the different merchant stalls and establishments to garuntee agsint any accidental damage. This accidental damage and mishap tends to happen more likely if you are late on an insurance payment or dues to the Consortium. It was recently found by the adventurers that he was strong arming merchants and he claimed plausible deniability and that he would appoint his trusted man Benvolio Spraza to the head of the Consortiums security so that he could complete a thorough investigation on the ongoings of the Consortium, and also is currently pushing legilsation in the Council to roll the security forces of the Consortium into the City guard as a whole working underneath the Council. He also happens to be next in line for the Consulate.

I do like the idea of a "district for everyone else" but was basically modeling this off Frieburg slightly in that the city was well defended at this point, but that there were shanty-towns of overflow refugees outside the defensive border of the city, extending into the different nation's lands, and furthered the tension with the city to the nations it exists within because such. Sort of creating an inner circle of semi-order with an outer circle of not-so-much-order-as-controlled-chaos.
In the midst of that, the Ussurans have rented part of their docks to the Sea Dogs who have an active presence there. This was pre-Pirate Nations so I was working off the 1E BotC and they were working with the Ordunez and the Sea Dogs to waylay Montaigne vessels in the area. The Vodacce Counselor was using his influence to ready his ascension to Consul, looking for incriminating evidence on the current Eisen Consul. He and the Commonwealth Counselor are working with the Inquisition against the different Objectionists in the city with the Inquisition ultimately planning on setting most of the city on fire because of blasphemy and encouragement of heretical ideas, unbeknownst to the Counselors. Meanwhile there are Numan or more acient tunnels beneath the city that extend out into the different nations, but the tunnels are dangerous and there are rumors of Wights and other monsters below the city, though recently a Montaigne spelunker and artefact chaser uncovered a clock work hand shortly before contracting a disease that turned him into a Wight. 

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