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Salty Dog
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Extra Character for QS

At least one person over at the Kickstarter page mentioned that the characters included in the QS were not enough for his particular gaming group (since some people play with more than five players). Here's an unofficial character I put together who can hopefully be useful to larger gaming groups.

I want to just once again state that this character is completely unofficial. Hopefully he's usable and meshes well with the other characters.

Sebastien Chenier: 
Disgraced Montaigne Duelist 
(Suh-bast-ee-un Shen-yee) 
A former classmate of Aleksy's at military academy. Sebastien joined the famed Montaigne Musketeers after graduating, but quit after a single year of service when he became disillusioned with L'Empereur's rule. His departure caused a scandal and forced his noble parents to disinherit him. He has traveled far from home aboard Roberto's ship in hopes that his talents can be put to use serving a just ruler - Aleksy. 
You should choose to play Sebastien if... 
You want to solve your problems with steel or sex appeal. 
You want to play a dishonored man of honor. 
You want to play a Duelist seeking redemption in an unlikely place.


Note: I know his Duelist School could be considered superior to Ambrogia but I intentionally reduced his relevant skills to put him more in line with Ennio. And yes, I totally got my forum portrait from the same art. I really love that pic. :)

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Nice work Mat.  I like him and probably will need him for my play through.  We usually have a big group.

Salty Dog
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Thanks! Hopefully one of your players has fun playing him.

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