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Exploding 10s
house rules

OK, At Rank 5 in a skill we have exploding 10s.

at 3 Dramatic wounds we have exploding 10s

What if we have both?

I'm thinking of keeping the old 3rd dramatic wound = 9s become 10s (and don't explode) 

Without playtesting it I'd say it looks reasonable. 9 on the die would generally pair with the lowest other die to become a 10+, maybe help towards a 15.  I don't seee it as a game changer.

Wonder what the designers were thinking when they changed it?

I guess we could make the second exploding die just add another die? Rank 5 and 3 DR = add 2 dice for every 10 you roll?

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I would try it with the 9 first. But it should take a bit of play time before anybody hits that rank 5 to need worry about it.
Donovan Morningfire
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I don't think it's going to be that big of a concern, mostly since as Salamanca said it's going to generally be a while before a PC has a 5 in any of their skills (starting cap is 3 ranks, and it'd take a 4-step and 5-step story to reach 5 ranks).  And they may not be using that skill for every Risk, though admittedly this kind of scenario is most likely to occur with one of the combat skills (Aim/Brawl/Weaponry) than any other skill.

The "exploding 10's" for having 3 Dramatic Wounds is far more likely to occur, but based on some of the remarks of I've heard about when John Wick was asked certain things (such as his playtesters having never considered using Pressure on Brute Squads, or running groups of 10+ players), it's possible that it was something that never came up.

As for your solution, I'd say try it out first.  On paper it does look to be a bit much, but for most Heroes being a 3 Dramatic Wounds (especially if that 3rd one was gained in the current encounter) means they're pretty close to being rendered Helpless, so exploding 9's may be just the push the Hero needs to defeat  their foe and win the day.

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Harliquinn Whit...
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I would avoid the "Roll 2 Dice on an Exploding 10" and try the 9's count as 10's (Non-exploding) first.

Antti Kautiainen
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I think it is really simple: Both applies. No change of what explodes, but when  you roll 10 you roll 2 additional dice and add them to the total of rolled die. This is really simple, elegant, and does mean highly skilled hero who is badly wounded, is really really formidable. He can do miracles, just like in popular fiction first villain beats hero into really bloodied state and gates of death, and then the hero gets one single blow which ends the due to his favor.

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