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Luis Olmeda
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Exemplary Virtue is OP?

Hi everyone!

I have a little question about the Exemplary virtue:

In the Corebook says that you choose another Hero in the same scene to pool your Raises for the round, spending Raises to take Actions from your shared pool. As an example, if the scene is an Action Sequence, and I have 5 Raises and my friend has 4 Raises...How do we calculate Initiative? Because if  we use the pool value, in the example it will be 9, so suddenly one of the heroes turns into "The Flash". I think it´s really over powered!

So please, any of you have an idea of how to lower the initiative effect without detriment of the virtue? I was thinking of maintainig the number of raises of each hero just for initiative purposes, although they can spend raises from each other. Yes, with that solution I will have one of the heroes acting multiple times in the same "Action moment", but by now I don´t have a better solution...


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Carlo Lope
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What you thought is what I would do.

If you have 5 Raises and your friend has 4 Raises, your initiative is 5 and your friend's 4. The pool is 9. When you use Dice from that pool, I would try to compensate the initiative. I mean, if you use 3 Raises from those 9, the pool is now 6 so I would lower the highest initiative first until it is even with your friend's and then take 1 from you and 1 from him.

Another option is for the players to choose which initiative is lowered or how to split Raises in terms of initiative. With your example, if you want to use 3 Raises, you and your friend would decide how to lower your initiatives. Perhaps you lower yours by 3 or your friend's by 3, or you want to split those 3 Raises between you and him.  Being a game where players make almost all the choices this is my favourite.

Luis Olmeda
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Your second option is a very good idea. Thanks!
Heng benjamin
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I think it is OP. That's what virtue are supposed to be IMHO. We counted initiative as the sum in my games. Compared to subtle or glorious, it is still reasonable. Even when players get 20 raises together, you can still beat them with adaptable if it's needed!
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