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Hattie Masters
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Eisenfurst in 2E

Okay so this might be an odd question but it is one that I kinda need an answer to.


In 1E, people were given positions as Eisenfurst as a result of having posession of a vein of Dracheneisen. Of course, with the changes to Dracheneisen in 2E, this is no longer a feasible prospect. However, this begs the question: How does someone like ol' Nick Trague or Falk Fischler end up in a position of power? I genuinely can't think of anything, and thus am turning to the brains of this forum for help.


Much obliged!

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Donovan Morningfire
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Possible that a similar method is used, of distributing parts of the Imperator's armor, only said armor is equivalent to a mastework set of plate rather than being dracheneisen.

As for what makes a person worthy to become an Eisenfurst and thus be granted land, that could very well be up to the Imperator.

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are you asking how  Nick Trague and Falk Fischler came to power, or how they became Eisenfurst? Those aren't the same question. cheeky

Page 38 has some details about Eisenfurst: the original Eisenfurst had that title as they originally controlled mines that produced dracheneisen. those mines are now exhausted, so the title has lost it's original meaning and now simply means the ruler of a konigsreich

Trague and Fishler do get brief bios on their rises to power on p39 . As for why Trague and Fishler are Eisenfursten, that's a little difficult. It's entirely possible that the last Imperator granted them the title of Eisenfurst and created them new Konigsreichs, carved out from pre existing ones. That would create a very interesting tension between the "new" Eisenfurst , and the "old" Eisenfurst, as they would consider Trague and Fischler illigitimate, as they do not own Drachenesien mines. 

Hattie Masters
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That's kinda the point I was making, Peasant (wow i sound so mean saying that :P)

I know they were given the title of Eisenfurst by the Imperator, I know why they were bestowed that honour in the 1st Edition too (because both stumbled across Dracheneisen veins, Trague after the battle that kinda broke him and Fishler whilst fishing) but with the changes to Dracheneisen, those explanations don't work any more, and so I'm trying to find a reasonable explanation as for why they were given those positions in the first place.

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I was venture the area Fischler holds was just a factor of needing more local control. (Either to secure a border or difficulty for the previous management to reach and oversee it.). Prague may have been given Freiburg to keep the others in a power balance or, given his military history, he may have just claimed it at a time when nobody was strong enough to say no. I could very well see him deciding enough was enough and he was putting a stop to the local part of the conflict in the war of the cross by assuming control and refusing to let any side hold sway.
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Of course, they could have access to dracheneisen mines and they're just being very quiet about it . They're just giving all their out put to the kreuzritter. They don't want the information public because it would start another war
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