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Luca Vanzella
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Duelists and Weapons rules alternative
duelist duel rule weapons

So I'm going to host a 7th Sea 2ed adventure (and possibily campagin) soon. The rules and setting seems very cool but I've some perplexity regarding the duelists (and i see in this forum I'm not the only one).  I know brutes are not supposed to be a challenge, the villian are supposed to be tough, that the duelist are the best of the best, that weapon damage should not matter and so on and so forth... But i can't help to feel duel ruels as somewhat odd and unbalanced (and i really can make my mind that a punch and a two and sword are  the same for all mecanical porpouse)

So I'd love if any of you can tell me their opinion on the house rules I'd want to implement and tell me if they can work.
The idea is to nerf a the duelist a little and to power up other fighter-focus pc a little, while giving a little variance to combat depending o weapons.

All character can do the simple attack (1 raise = deal 1 wound) and simple defense (1 raise = prevent 1 wound).
If a charcter has a combat oriented advantage  gains also a duelist maneuver:

the boxer (fighting bare handed) gains Bash

the bruiser (figthing with a two handed weapon) gains Lunge

the fencer (fighting with rapier, dagger, cutlass ecc) gains the Feint

The duelist will have Slash, Parry, the maneuver associeted to his school weapon and the style bonus. 

This should give a little more option and damage output to standard fighters while kepping the duelist more effective e flexible (but hopefully avoiding the murder machine minigame). 

thanks for reading!







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BluSponge blusp...
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I don’t see where any of these are “game breaking”, though I’d still recommend playing the game as is for a few sessions before you add these.  I do like that each has a particular style attached, though that makes them somewhat less useful in general.

Now if you were to open then up so they weren’t style specific, I’d probably add in a 1-pt discount on Student of Combat. Otherwise, these are a poor deal by comparison.


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