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Seventh Sea
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DriveThruRPG - 7th Sea 2nd Edition: Explorer's Society
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DriveThruRPG.offers 7th Sea 2nd Edition books in various useful collections (books are still sold separately but collected for purchase in one place).

Click the image below to purchase
7th Sea: Second Edition Collection of Explorer's Society Books

Some interesting additions now include:

  • Cards on the Table (by Tom Harrison) to help you find Consequences for Player's Raises
  • A Scandalous Affair (by Tom Harrison) to make Corruption mechanics more believable
  • Expanded Ship Rules (by Rob Donaghue)
  • Hero Creation Index (by Kevin C. Krupp) all the references across the books here
  • Ship Creation Index (by Kevin C. Krupp) all the references across the books here

Looking for the 7th Sea core rulebook? Click here

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