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Dramatic Consequences
house rules

I was thinking last night about using Consequences as a sort of passive compel (sorry, Fate stripes showing here!). For example, if you had a shadowy figure talking with the Duke you could add the example Consequence that the Duke was framing YOU for his dastardly plan. By spending a Consequence the player says, "Nope, not interested in that storyline". By not spending a Consequence the player says, at minimum, "I care more about what I am doing than buying out of that storyline."

Any thoughts about this strategy? Maybe throwing a single Consequence into a Risk that will move the storyline along but still allow for player agency? A Plot Thickener, if you will!

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Mars University
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It sounds like a solid idea to me. Good Consequences are already leaning in the direction of "plot options" for the player, I think. They just tend to be tied more directly to the Approach and what's happening in the Scene than to overarching plot elements, as the Core Book seems to suggest.

That said, this is probably the sort of thing that would only work with player buy in. If you present it to them and they like it, I think it would go over really well. If they think its too abstract, you'll probably have players that are openly or quietly upset about having to waste Raises on something irrelevant to the task they're undertaking.

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