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Crosses across Faiths
church in 7th sea
So, I'm planning on opening up Hexagon and modeling some Prophet's crosses for use in 3D renders. Initially they'd be Altar sized, but eventually I'd want to make wearable ones for the various Daz 3D Genesis figures (probably starting with Genesis 2... if this part doesn't make sense, don't worry about it.) Officially, I believe all branches of the Church of the Prophets use the same design. And in it's basic form - T-shape with an arch at the top - I have no problem with that. But I like the idea of there being slight (or even significant) differences between an Objectionist cross vs. a Vatacine one vs. an Usurran Orthodox one. Similar to how a Protestant Cross is different from a Catholic Crucifix, and a Russian Orthodix cross is even more distinct. I was thinking that the Usurran Orthodox would have a single place for the Prophet - at the center of the cross-bar, and it would be larger, giving the impression that the arch above was a half-halo around it. (Still in thinking out-loud stage, so I don't have artwork) I'm having trouble coming up with a logical distinction between the Vatacine and Objectionist ones, however. "Fancy" vs. "Plain" doesn't seem enough, but my understanding of the philosophical differences that the empty cross vs. Crucifix represents don't really have a Thean analog, as far as I can tell. Perhaps Objectionist crosses are starting to leave off the 4th prophet's stone - indicating the uncertainty of when his arrival will be, or else leaving off the designators for the prophets entirely. Or maybe Vatacine Crosses are developing a bar from up from the base to the 4th prophet's stone, based on the assumption of his imminent arrival (at least per Verdugo and the Inquisition) Any thoughts?
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Nathan Henderson
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I wonder if the Ussuran Orthodox Church still believes 3 more prophets are coming, as I believe the First Prophet specifically fortold as much, and just don't think the two the Vaticine and Objectionist recognize are the real second and third yet.

Because if they still believe there WILL be Four Prophets, their cross can still be roughly the same shape, even with stylistic differences.

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