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Consequence Help

I need a little help. I'm playing around with a class of consequence that has 2 different effects. So for a really bad example, this single consequence might inflict a wound AND make you drop an item.  It costs 2 raises to avoid completely, but spending 1 raise to avoid one of the 2 effects should be possible, though it feels very unwieldy for the system. Any thoughts on how to simplify this?

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To me it just sounds as two separate consequences: "The medallion is in the fireplace. You need to pay off 1 consequence to avoid 1 Wound and 1 raise to snatch the medallion." Unless I'm missing something :)


Or maybe you meant a box-in-a-box consequence: for example. Avoid falling from the horse (1 Raise) if you fall, take 2 Wounds. It's obvious that a Hero would spend a Raise to avoid falling. But what if they can't because they spend their Raises on more important things? They fall and take 2 Wounds. Which are a consequence to a consequence? Hm..

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Yup.  That's where I decided to go in the end.  Two consequences.  Simple enough.  That'll teach me to try and reinvent the wheel.  :D

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