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Luis Olmeda
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Brutes in Action Sequences

Hi everyone!

I´ve one question about the brute squads rules: when do they attack in an Action Sequence? Because they don´t use any Raises...Does it means that they act the last ones in a round?

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Lady Grace
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They act last -- unless they have the Assassin advantage. Then they act first (I believe).
Salamanca's picture
Grace is correct. That gives the players time to whittle them down before they inflict damage.
Luis Olmeda
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One more question: what about if the brute squad is using fire weapons against the heroes?

Will the squad do the same damge as if they where armed with swords (or fans, or feather dusters, or...)?

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

What do you mean by "fire weapons"? Firearms? Flame throwers? Magical hellfire?

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Firearms do not deal the automatic dramatic wound. That rule ONLY effects heroes and villains. Regardless of weapon type, Brutes deal one wound per active member.
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