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Mike Welker
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Bits & Mortar

Lately, I've acquired the in-print books from Noble Knight. I was wondering whether JWP has the Bits & Mortar program? If yes, I can ping NK to ask them to set up my pdf links. I mainly want to do some printing of a few heroes and villains for a summer game... just checking... I didn't see this question elsewhere in the forums.

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Harliquinn Whit...
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I'm not sure what Bits and Mortar is, but JWP has the "Explorer's Society" on DriveThruRPG which lets fans create resources that can be sold.


BluSponge blusp...
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Mike Welker
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Aha, thanks. I checked with NK. So far the B&M system has core and character sheet. I need Pirate Nations and Heroes & Villains, so hopefully those will be set up soon-ish.

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