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Joachim Deneuve...
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house rules, core rules

So, the description of Sorté and Major Arcana somewhere mentions that most Strega make up their own set of Arcana.  I am wondering if we can pull out some other ideas from the ones in the book.  

I notice that the book isn't using the traditional Major Arcana, and also only lists 20.  Of those 20, 5 are basically a direct copy over from 1st Ed: The Magician, The Lovers, The Wheel (of Fortune), The Hanged Man, The Emperor.  4 are the same Arcana with different meanings: The Fool, The Devil, The Tower and The Sun.  Coins (for the Ferryman) is basically Death. There are a couple which map through concept and one effect:  The Witch -> The High Priestess, The Prophet -> The Hermit, The Hero -> Strength.

That leaves 9 traditional Major Arcana that are kind of unused:

  • The Empress - The 1e version has the same Virtue as The Thrones does now, but I think they're distinctive enough.
  • The Hierophant - The 1e Hubris has Been moved to The Devil, but a Creative arcana seems like a good idea
  • The Chariot - The 1e Virtue and Hubris have been taken by two new Arcana:  The War and The Road, which are kind of the two aspects of a chariot.  Maybe not feasible.
  • Justice - The 1e Virtue has been taken by Reunion, but I think it's worthwhile looking for a new oen.
  • Temperence - The Glyph has taken Temperate, making it hard to give a Virtue to this as an arcana
  • The Star - The Thrones has taken their Hubris, but it seems quite distinct.
  • The Moon - Perceptive isn't currently in use, but there are a couple of similar virtues.
  • Judgement - The Beggar uses Insightful, but Righteous is possible.
  • Terra - is completely unused by the new set and could just be brought across in toto.

I'd also point out that the picture on page 231 shows three Major Arcan:  The Sailor, The Fate Witch and The Prince.  None of these are mentioned in either 1st or 2nd edition.


I'll work on some ideas for rules and post again later.

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Joachim Deneuve...
Joachim Deneuve du Surlign's picture

So, a couple of suggestions:

The Empress

Virtue:  Beautiful

Activate your Virtue to prevent a Villain or Brute Squad from causing you Wounds this Scene.  The effect wears off if you cause wounds.

Hubris:  Hedonistic

You receive a Hero Point when you decide to indulge yourself or succumb to temptation.


The Moon

Virtue: Perceptive

Activate your Virtue to create an Opportunity.  You may activate this Opportunity.

Hubris:  Inattentive

You receive a Hero Point when you let a time limited Consequence or Opportunity expire when you could have prevented it.



Virtue:  Judicious

Activate your virtue when faced with a situation with two distinct options.  Ask the GM which choice would be most likely to lead to a specific outcome.  The GM must answer honestly and openly.

Hubris:  Judgemental

You receive a Hero Point when you publically accuse an NPC of something without any evidence to back it up.



Virtue:  Knowledgable

Activate your virtue to discover an obscure piece of information about the setting. 

Hubris:  Greedy

You receive a Hero Point when you accept a bribe from a Villain.

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I quite like these! However, Greedy is very specific. Perhaps make it a bit more general such as, "You receive an HP when you accept money from someone you do not trust?" Or perhaps, "from someone who is suspicious or questionable."
BluSponge blusp...
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I prefer... "someone of dubious quality."  But it's all the same.

True Iskander
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In general, I think the 2e Arcana are an improvement.  There are several words used in 1e that are extremely similar such as Rash/Reckless or Arrogant/Overconfident.  The new crop has better overall variation.

That being said, you could always dip back into 1e's well for more ideas. :)

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