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Mark Lundequist
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Any news on when the next book will be released?
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Wondering if there is a place that hosts or anyone may now when the next books will be released?

Originally the Core Rule Book was talked about coming out in october, yet was released prior to Gencon and now you can order it almost anywhere and we still have a few weeks until October comes along.  Wondering if the next book will be Nations of Theah vol 1 or the pirate book?

Just curious as to looking ahead for my campaign.


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Donovan Morningfire
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Going by the Kickstarter, the next book intended will be the Pirate Nations book.

As for when that or any other book will be released, I don't think there's been any word.  Most of the effort on JWP's part has been on getting the physical copies of the book out, and then dealing with the fall out from the shipping company they used having done a sub-par job and a lot of folks receiving damaged books.

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The rest will be close to the original production schedule. John had a good head start on the core material even before the kickstarter. The rest was not in development at that time and will need to be basically written from scratch so I would say late November if things are going well. Thean about monthly.
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To expand on this point, November/December for the first supplement PDF. Physical books might take a bit longer.

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