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Joachim Deneuve...
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Alternate Traits
house rules

As some of you will have seen, the Khitai quickstart has a different set of Attributes to the traditional Brawn, Finesse, Wits, Resolve and Panache.  And they are very different, as they are much more like motivations than characteristics.  Observe:

  • Compassion is a measure of your Hero’s sense of mercy, sympathy and kindness.
  • Honesty is a measure of the value your Hero places on truthfulness, fairness and sincerity.
  • Joy is a measure of the importance your Hero places on happiness, amusement or comfort.
  • Loyalty measures how much worth your Hero puts into fidelity, devotion and personal allegiance.
  • Peace is a measure of the value that your Hero places on harmony, calmness and the end of conflict.
  • Respect is a measure of the value that your Hero has for dignity, self-control and orderliness.
  • Wisdom is a measure of how important knowledge, learning and more “universal truths” are to your Hero.

After some though, I actually quite like this.  It makes the choice of attribute for a risk much more about how committed the Hero is to getting whatever it is done, rather than how capable they are.  And in dramatic swashbuckling, it's entirely in keeping to succeed at something because of your loyalty to your King (or Queen) and country rather than because of how strong you are.

That all having been said, I decided to try to match these new attributes to nations: 2 per nation like now, but from a pool of 7 rather than 5.  It also lets me split up Curonia and Rzeczpospolita the same way the Glamour Islands are.

  • Castille: Respect and Wisdom.  
  • Eisen: Loyalty and Peace.​
  • Glamour Islands
    • Avalon: Honesty and Loyalty
    • Highland Marches: Honesty and Respect
    • Inismore: Joy and Loyalty
  • Montaigne: Compassion and Joy
  • Sarmatian Commonwealth
    • ​Curonia: Compassion and Peace
    • Rzeczpospolita: Compassion and Honesty
  • Ussura:  Compassion and Wisdom
  • Vestenmannavnjar: Peace and Wisdom
  • Vodacce: Joy and Respect

​Do you think these are right?  Do you want to know why I chose what I did?  Would you like me to do the Crescent Empire and Pirate Nations?

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Crescent is Wisdom. Pirates are Loyalty. My players will want to have negatives in half of these because they lile playing scumbags.
Joachim Deneuve...
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There are 7 to choose from, but each character still only has 5.  If they're lying scumbags, then they have on Honesty or Compassion.

Giasone Vodocci
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Likely lacking both, but yeah. Lying scumbags seems more Villain than Hero material and is part of the reason you can't have negatives in those Traits.

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